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Rage of a jealous woman

Admin 08 Dec, 2017 News, Stories that touch the heart

By Sunmola Olowookere
Today’s edition of the stories that touch the heart is about a randy guy who felt every creature in skirt was created for his pleasure. When he got his just dessert, he was miserable as he lays on his hospital bed languishing in the pain and agony which arose from the fate that befell him.

Akindele lay on the hospital bed and lamented his woes and the calamity that happened to him. He wondered “will I ever be made whole again? He however accepted that his good looks will become altered even if he got the most expensive plastic surgery in the country.

Before his attack, he had a boyish look. He is slim and athletic. He is dark skinned andspotted a neat and trimmed beard with his well-groomed ‘afro’ hair. In short, he was good looking and ladies flocked to him all over. He considered himself to be a lucky chap. However with his present predicament, he seems to be regretting his ways.

Presently, his whole body felt stiff all over. He had been hospital from the shock and the effect of the attack he got. He was in pains. He groaned deeply again as the pains intensified.

The painkillers that had been administered to him had probably worn off. Though, he wants the oblivion that the sedatives brings because at times the pain grows so hotly intense, yet he loathes the grogginess that would be the aftermath of his escape from his just desert.

 Yes, he had gotten what probably people felt would be his due one day.

He touched his face and he felt as if the flesh there were cooked meat. It was very tender and raw. He looked at the lady looking at him tenderly from the position where she sat. She ought to have been at work but because of his accident; she had chosen to stay by his side.

She could not abandon him at the hospital. Though she was privyto all the goings-on, still she cast no aspersion on anyone. Layo is simply the epitome of maturity and humility. She is a true wife material.

 For the umpteenth time, he wondered at his sanity for falling into the ploys of his ex-girlfriend Sandra who had nearly killed him. Out of annoyance and an unhealthy desire for revenge, Sandra had poured acid on him.

 It all began with Akindele’s inability to keep away from temptation. Sandra had been one of his lovers. He had gone out with her for over a year and had even promised to marry her at one point when he got carried away by his amorous feelings. However, deep down him, he knew he could not live with her under one roof because she was too hot to handle.

They often had disagreements and fights. The major cause of their quarrel was usually about Akindele’s numerous ‘female friends’ and ‘just an acquaintance’.

Sandra could not bear to share her beau with another female. Hence, this often makes her to go into jealous rages.  But they usually settle after some time. As fate would have it, they had separated when their disagreements had become more intense and irreconcilable.

It was after their separation that he met Layo whom he had gently wooed and won over by his persistent attention. Layo had   become convinced of his attention and had given into his love overtures only for Sandra to turn up like a bad penny.

 The two lovebirds had become so close and people began to see them as a couple. People envied them their camaraderie and affection. They began to see them as taking their relationship beyond the boyfriend and girlfriend level very soon.

The gist of their love had gotten to Sandra’s ears and the green-eyed monster was again roused in her. She began to torment the couple. Many times, she had embarrassed Layo at Akindele”s house. She had begun to show interest in Akindele again. Layo no longer knew what to make of their relationship.

Though Akindele usually assured her of his undying affection, Sandra’s bizarre persistence had begun to confuse her. One day, she had wanted to call it quits after another embarrassment meted out to her by Sandra. They had met at the market and Sandra had begun to call her names “Harlot, leave my husband alone, Akin is mine, Husband-snatcher.”

Layo, horrified by such a public attack had hurried away not even answering her. On getting to Akindele’s, she burst into tears and demanded hotly “Why don’t you call your hounds off me? I am tired of these constant warranted attacks. I don’t want to see her again or else it would be over between us”.

Frightened, Akindele had pleaded with her for more time to finally get rid of his nemesis.After escorting Layo home, he sat alone in his flat and contemplated on his predicament. He understood fully that he was to be blamed for the friction between him and his lady’s love.

After Sandra had resurfaced in his life again, he became haunted by the memory of the hot, intense love interlude that they had shared. However, they frequently disagreed.But their fights had always been settled by almost violent sex whereby both will be panting like animals as they attacked each other voraciously.

Ultimately, Sandra had dangled the carrot before his nose again during one of her impromptu visits and he had succumbed to temptation. The violent tendencies that had been dormant in him had resurfaced and he had almost seem mad in his frenzy as he literally tore off Sandra clothes.

He had taken her roughly while she grunted “Yes! Oh! Yes” and laughed exultantly.He was mindless with passion which had been banked for so long. He was further encouraged by Sandra encouraging passionas she met him measure for measure.

As soon as he released his seed into her and his eyes and mind cleared, he had pushed her away, regretting his mad impulse immediately. But Sandra had gotten what she wanted and grabbing his arm, she said “You are mine.”

He realized the error of his indulgence when Sandra had become more aggressive with each day.Angered beyond reason one day, he had been goaded into beaten her upafter one of her attacks on Layo which had grown physical by then.

Retaliating, Sandra had hidden by the side of the gate to his house on the second day. Camouflaged by the dark, she had thrown acid at Akindele’s face. But for providence which had made him avert his head at the last moment, his two eyes would have been totally gone.

His agonized cry had attracted neighbours who apprehended the girl before she could escape. After spending some weeks in detention, Akindele refused to pursue the case and had it withdrawn.

Though he was responding favourably to treatment, his face is probably scarred for life.Repenting at leisure on his hospital bed now, he regretted his actions and wondered whether he would not lose Layo into the bargain.

Though Layo had assured him repeatedly of her love, but he feared that she would be repulsed by his ugly scars.

Now repentant, he vowed to always be faithful to his love.

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