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Pursuing the greatest good of the people

Admin 22 Dec, 2017 News, Opinion

By Ayodele Fagbohun
Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it -Prof. George Santayana of Harvard.

In the  mood of the yuletide heralding peace, love and redemption to manking, I urge with the utmost respect and humility my fellow compatriots in the leadership of All Progressives Congress (APC), Ondo State chapter to return expeditiously to the round table and find amicable and lasting solution to the needless lingering logjam .

It is an irony of history that perhaps for the first time, this government is enjoying untrammeled grassroots electoral support and general acceptance from every stratum of the society .

This was a novelty and very unprecedented in the annals of the political history of Ondo state since inception in 1976.

There was unnecessary flexing of political muscles amongst the leaders and other mundane totally uncalled for and in palpable conflict with the right ideological orientation and strict adherence to party discipline which are the hallmarks of progress and success of every progressive political party holding sway in Ondo State.

Besides the deficiency on the modus operandi in running a truly progressive political organ in the state. The situation turns messier in consequence of the motley  crew that infiltrated the rank and file of APC to record a so called resounding and overwhelming victory at the polls which all things being equal is antithesis to the spirit and norms of democracy in this respect, progressive politics.

However, in the obvious looming party indiscipline it bounds to be a growing undercurrents of deep seated discontent and hairsplitting likely to break loose seething in volcanic eruptions at the fullness of time.

This was the scenario that played out in the APC that still rankled on ad infinitum  without a glimmer of being subsided or entirely fizzle out in the euphoria of the party’s victiory in the most peaceful conduct pervading the governorship poll.

Common sense dictates that  in view of the dynamics of time and the attendant political vicissitudes, we must adjust to the political realities, work assiduously to be relevant and the dire need for the political personae to be up and doing and be in sharp focus to pursue the greatest good of the greatest number of our population.

However, it is galling that the progressive politicians in the state failed abysmally to learn and imbibe a great lesson from their unsavoury political experience prior to the inauguration of the second republic politics in October, 1979.

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – Prof. George Santayana of Havard.

Late Chief Michael Adekunle Ajasin, a school principal and his group fought vigorously more than any other groups for the creation of new  Ondo state out of the old Ondo province which eventually came into being through a military fiat in February 1976.

Ajasin’s group was in the main crusading for the development of the state along ideological line of welfarism. This strong bright vision was however delayed for more than four years consequent upon the hijacking of the government by the military yes-men and women who sold themselves as stooges in the hands of the military rulers.

The military and their cohort unleashed campaign of denigration and calumny on the Ajasin group branded it “Awo’s verandah boys” and all sorts of unprintable names in order  not to succeed it in the post military politics.

The swarming campaign of hate crumbled to the dust. Ajasin group triumphed. It  took over the reign of government from the ashes of the military. Second Republic was born. Chief Michael Adejunle Ajasin became the first elected governor of Ondo state, and introduced government that was non-pareil in Nigeria.

I consider it pertinent at this material time to being into the fore the relentless and unstoppable struggle of the erstwhile progressive politicians led by Ajasin yielded positive results that up till this day remains the benchmark of development in the state. I am calling on the present political dramatis personae to redouble their efforts and work sacrificially for the greatest good of the greatest number of our population.

The progressive are in firm saddle to reconstruct a new political direction and give the people a new lease of life instead of portraying APC as a ragtag political organ even worse than the badly defeated political party led  government in the state. It is sad in the day to put retrogressive thinking cap on our mental luggage.

To me and other right thinking people, Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu led APC administration remains the authentic offshoot of Adekunle Ajasin administration after Adebayo Adefarati (AD) led administration imbued with the fear of God and landmark contributions to the human and material development of the state.

Our leaders in APC must eschew vitriolic bitterness usually trailing every election. The recriminations and counter recriminations that cast aspersion and ridicule on some frontline APC leader in the state must stop forthwith. Let’s us forget the past and forgive one another in the spirit of yuletide.

As no man is infallible, no person is morally fit enough to cast the first stone” against the notorious adulteress arraigned for instantaneous capital punishment. In the same vein, we should put the ugly past behind us and embark on true reconciliation for he who runs  from a battle will live to fight other battle ahead.

To assuage the anger of those who felt aggrieved, our amiable governor, Arakunrin Akeredolu must work in synergy with the chairman of Elders Forum, Senator Olorunnimbe Farukanmi and other stakeholders to  call for truce with a view to moving Ondo State forward.

I am heartily wishing the numerous readers of this coloumn in spite of its human errors and other fellow Nigerians merry xtmas and prosperous new year 2018 in advance.

Fagbohun write from Akure.

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