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Parents, teachers face-off over discipline of students

Admin 01 Dec, 2017 Features, News

By Maria Famakinwa
It is now becoming a culture nowadays for some parents to beat their children’s teachers over punishing or beating their wards  for wrong doing which is most common in private schools.

The fact remains that for any child to be successful academically, both the parents and teachers have their roles to play and if they  failed to agree, this might affect the child’s academic success. Many who spoke with The Hope reacted differently to the issue and  called for understanding between parents and teachers for the learners’ benefits.

 In the submission of a private school teacher, Mrs Foluso Oshoo, who was bitter about the development explained that teachers instead of being commended by parents are oftentimes condemned and beaten for correcting children, because of this, most teachers are always careful to correct the students even when they are going wrong.

“The belief of most parents is that since  it is a private school and they are responsible for the teachers salaries their children should be pampered. I wonder how many of them can cope as a teacher attending to more than 50 students from different backgrounds between 8am-4pm couple with impacting knowledge which is another task on its own.

“A secondary school student was asked to kneel down for loitering around the school compound when sent home for school fees only for the mother to come to the school to beat up the teacher and tore her clothe. Another scenario  was when a teacher asked a student to kneel down and the students told the teacher that she was embarrassing him. These are few of many insults teachers get from doing their jobs . Yet,  no teacher dare raise an  eye brows because of the fear of parents coming to beat us up.”

Sharing similar view, a parent, Mr Adewale Clement who observed that most of the moral decadence experienced in the society among the youth today should be traced to lack of discipline in schools said,  “Gone are the days when students respected their teachers. Then, they worshiped them as god and never prayed to be reported to their teachers but since parents have the effontry to go to their children’s school to fight their teachers, the students are directly and indirectly empowered to misbehave since they have the support of their parents but in the long run, such step will affect the children and their parents when the teachers will no longer be there again.

“It is when the students are on holiday that you will appreciate better the noble work a teacher does. An adage says that when you spare the rod, you will spoil the child. Look at the pathetic situation of our secondary school students today, most of them joining cults which was not so before because parents do not want their children to be disciplined. If my child does any wrong, such child should be beaten. It is to correct him/her.”

Viewing it from different angle, a parent Mrs Bukola Alayo, said that if any teacher beat her child to the extend of living bruises in his/her body, she will fight the teacher because it is against the ethics of teaching. “Students normally should see their teachers as their alternative parents but some teachers are so tough that they do not correct the students with love. There has been series of reported cases where teachers beat students to death. Do we also term that as correction?

“I read a story of a child who became blind because his teacher mistakenly cared his eyes and all efforts to correct his sight medically was fruitless only for the teacher and the school authority to be pleading that it was a mistake. Was that not a costly one? Most people who find themselves in the teaching profession  this day  take it up because they have no alternative, the interest of the job is not in their hearth so, at any slightest provocation transfer aggression to the students who should be closer to them for proper learning to take place. I do not condole teachers maltreating my children all in the name of discipline .”

A parent and a counselor, Mr Yomi Adetoun who appreciated teachers for building lives advised them to be lenient while correcting students as he added that punishment and cane cannot be ruled out of learning completely  to achieve the desire results since there are different types of students.

He also appealed to parents and teachers to always come together and discuss a way forward regarding a particular student who is recalcitrant and find a better way of handling such a child for the benefit of the child’s future.

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