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Holding on to bitterness causes health problem

Admin 15 Dec, 2017 Features, News

By Maria Famakinwa
It is normal to offend one another in as much as we relate daily with ourselves. Unfortunately this is what many of us still fail to realise. The two major religions in the world Christianity and Islam also preach about the importance of forgiveness but some people  still believe that there are some offences that are beyond forgiveness.

Medical experts have also warned that holding onto painful memories and bitterness results in long term health problems like increasing anxiety and stress, increase blood pressure and depression, affects immune system, causes heart related problems among others. Many who spoke with The Hope also explained different reasons why it is important to forgive not minding undermining the gravity of the offence.

A surveyor, Mr Idris Tolagbe, submitted that letting go of negative emotions is for one’s growth and happiness explaining that when one hold on to hurt, pains, resentment and anger, such a situation can  harm the person far more than it harm the offender. “Forgiveness frees us to live in the present and allows us to move on without anger or contempt or seeking revenge.

“To forgive does not mean that one condone wrong doings or one is weak as many thought, but it allows us to move forward because holding on to one’s anger brings one down and make one look sad always which affects the person’s health.”

Sharing similar sentiment, a trader, Mrs Joy Emeka who observed that many people wasted years nursing bitterness and resentment when they could through forgiveness live in happiness, appealed to everyone to learn to forgive as she maintained that there is no offence that cannot be forgiven.

Her words, “Forgiveness helps us to grow and have good thoughts that make one’s life meaningful. Forgiveness makes us regain our personal strength. It is mainly for one’s benefit not for the benefit of the person you are forgiving, because as long as you are feeling like a victim, you are carrying a heavy burden. Forgiveness leads to healing why un-forgiveness stands in the way of physical wellness and can lead to evil thoughts.”

In the opinion of a civil servant,  Mr kole Emiloju explained that to forgive someone is not as easy as it sounds, adding that though, it is good to forgive. “It takes the special grace of God to forgive someone that hurts you deeply. I was once hurt by a friend whom I trusted. The situation really made me to part ways with him. Anytime I remember what he did or see him, I will become angry and develop headache immediately. It was then I realised that my health was been affected and I had no other choice but to forgive him and let go of the past.

“It was after then that my health was alright and when I see him now, I do not experience the headache I used to experience before forgiving him. It was then I realised that un-forgiveness is a silent killer that many do not know.”

Mr Emiloju, who appealed to others to learn to forgive said that forgiveness brings us back to good physical and mental health as the system of the body responds to negative emotions, affects the immune system in ways that would affect the mind. “Letting go of grudges and bitterness is like setting one free from bondage and helps one to move forward. Un-forgiveness is a burden and makes one to remain in pains.”

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