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‘Eradicating fake drugs, duty of all stakeholders’

Admin 04 Dec, 2017 News

By Bisi Olominu
To tame the fake drugs monster in Nigeria,  all stakeholders in the health sector must be alive to their responsibilities.

Fake drugs are deadly and using them can lead to untimely death or eternal regret for the users.

Former Commissioner in Ondo State, Pharmacist Kunle Asaolu stated this while speaking with The Hope in Akure.

He noted that fake drugs are not only associated with Nigeria,  but global problem,  stressing countries like China,  United States of America, India, United Kingdom have their own  fake drugs but,  mechanism were put in place to detect them and sanction those involved

Asaolu added that intake of fake drugs has debilitating effect on the health and the consequence of intake can be everlasting.

“Fake drugs problem is a global one and to tame the monster,  all stakeholders must be involved. The enforcement of the law against  fake drugs must be total.  The importation must be guilded against and enforcement by the agency on the issue must be total.

“The Ministry of Health, NAFDAC and pharmacist association must all join hands  together to fight fake drugs  in the land.

” Again, the people using  fake drugs must join hands too to say no. If they should stop patronizing the sellers,  it would go a long way to stop the situation,” he avered.

He posited that patients should patronize appropriate pharmacists that know much about drugs prescription to curb  untimely death in the society.

Asaolu who is also the 31st President of Akure Owena Lions Club disclosed that the club will in December attend  to over 200 needies in the society.

According  to him,  those that will be attended  to will include market women and men, children with cancer and that those hungry will be fed.

He added that the vocal point  of the club will  be a continuous  exercise as some people  with eyes defect will be given glasses after conducting test.

He said further that those with diabetics will be screened and drugs will be administered to as many as are possible.

Asaolu also disclosed that before the end of the year, the club will immortalise one of them,  Shola Abe for his meritorious service to the club.

He said that a block of classrooms will be built to immortalise Abe, and this will be done in conjunction  with the family.

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