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Business start-up: Eggs tray production

Admin 11 Dec, 2017 Business

By Tope Babatope

Start up cost:

N100,000 – N150,000


Word of mouth, personal contact, complimentary cards

Why it is a good business:

Eggs are invaluable source of protein which is an essential food substance needed for human health.Egg trays are used by poultry farmers, merchants and retailers of eggs as well as consumers to pack, store and transport eggs from place to place. The demand for eggs trays is synonymous with the demand for eggs  since there is no safer way or better alternative container for conveying or keeping eggs than in trays. This business can therefore turn a good profit if one is hardworking; if it is skillfully managed it would bring you millions of naira.

Skill necessary/staff requirement:

The person starting the business must be energetic. Skilled and unskilled workers can be trained on the job. The unskilled worker is needed to be trained in order to operate the system, paper pulp moulding machines.

Equipment/raw materials needed:

Water, waste papers, land or rented apartment, pulp moulding machine(s).

Start up:

You can run the business in a rented apartment, a hall or in a two bedroom apartment. The principal raw materials are  water and waste papers.Water could be obtained from unlimited sources while waste papers are readily available.There is unlimited supply of waste papers that could be used for this project.

Egg tray making involves the paper pulp-moulding technology. On the average, three unskilled workers who will be trained on the job are needed to operate the system. The equipment are automatic paper pulp moulding machines.

The start up process work involves;

  1. Waste paper is mixed with water to form fiber
  2. The mixture is then moved to the moulding machine.
  3. The product is partly dried and retrieved from the machine.
  4. The final part could be effected by drying in the sun.

The pulp moulding machine can cost you up to N90,000 while waste papers are sold in kilograms, you can easily get your source of supply through a newspaper agent by buying old newspapers .You will also need constant supply of water for mashing and moulding process. You will need an accommodation, you may be operating from a two bedroom apartment.

Our investigation revealed that the profits attached to the proposal are variable because of the fact that the status of investment will determine the profit accruable to the investor. However the investor is assured of a ready market and the profit margin usually falls between 150 and 350 percent (net).

Concerning sourcing of raw materials the investor can be assured of a steady supply of waste paper at cheapest rate locally from a network of waste paper project. Business start up learnt that it is cheaper to produce egg trays from paper pulp technology than from plastic technology, paper egg trays or crates are cheaper than plastic crates and for this reason, cost and profit returns on investment will surprise any investor.

Bottom Line Advice:

Investors should engage themselves in projects that could be embarked upon in stages, this will enable them grow from the scratch to master the business instead of investing in high profile projects that would amount to packaging eggs in one basket. The investor could take this project as a rolling plan. You can carry out a market survey on this business to find out how it would raise your living standard.

Do your homes work thoroughly before committing yourself into any business. How you pick the one that suits you best is totally up to you, for some, it may be the business with the highest profit potential. For others, it’s the one they would find most fascinating. For others, it might be the one that would consume the least amount of time. Just pick one business idea.

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