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‘There must be strong synergy between school, environment’

Admin 15 Nov, 2017 News

By Temitope Orogun
Lack of parents’ commitment to their children school activities has been said to contribute to the rot in the educational sector  even as their influence and involvement cannot be taken for granted.

Making the assertion during the Ondo State 2017 Education Summit, Professor Lillian Salami in her address said parents in most cases represent the community and therefore have great impact on their children’s achievement.

According to her, “schools cannot function in isolation but must be compulsorily close to the  relevant community to access the needed knowledges.

“The teaching environment should not only serve as a nerve centre but with very obvious transparent and porous wall between it and  the community that may serve as the world of knowledge.

“There must be a strong synergy between the school and environment. School now deals with real life problems causing curiosity, flexible resulting in resourcefulness while hinging on humanity unlike the abstract, textbook driven, teachers centered, paper and pencils choosing.

“The new environment must force schooling to be more probing leading to knowledge and solution seeking, she said.”

She therefore submitted that parents should be more proactive by going beyond the rhetorics striving to be more involved in the lives of their children.

Intensity for action on the part of the parent toward their wards academic success she said is needed to help grow their academic prowess.

Salami added that individual’s level of preparedness matters in ensuring  the survival in today’s word of relentless advancement towards uncertain future scenarios saying the world is fast changing and the need to change with it is crucial to societal development.


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