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ODSG frowns at improper disposal of water waste

Admin 27 Nov, 2017 News

By Kemi Olatunde
Ondo State Government has frowned heavily at the improper disposal of water waste into the public drains by some commercial centres along Alagbaka/First Bank axis of Akure, Ondo state.

The improper disposal was discovered during the monitoring of the November edition of the environmental sanitation exercise by the Ministry of Environment and Waste Management Authority.

During the monitoring and inspection, it was observed that the drains were exuding obnoxious odour which led the team to inspect further and led to the discovery of the improper waste disposal.

Mrs. Akinyanmi Bola, Director, Pollution Control Department, Ondo State Ministry of Environment while speaking with the pressmen after the exercise said that there were some eateries along commercial area that were found not to have good maintenance of their environment in terms of vegetal control.

“We have taken note of these places around Fiwasaye Grammar School area and also around police headquarters area, there were some commercial and some corporate entities that have not deemed it fit to keep their environment clean. They had drainages that were overflowing with debris.

“Some eateries are also not in good shape along the First Bank/Alagbaka area. They discharged their water waste directly into the public drains. These are situations that we are going to act on during the week.”

Also speaking with pressmen, Mesileya Ayo, General Manager, Waste Management Authority, Akure commended the cooperation of the residents with the government’s directive in staying indoors and keeping their environment clean

His words: “In all the places we have visited this morning, the level of compliance was very impressive. The residents came out and ensured that their environment were kept clean.”

He advised the people of the state to continue in the same vein and keep their environment clean while saying that cleanliness is next to godliness.

He stressed the need for house owners to ensure that their premises have toilet facilities while decrying a situation whereby people that lacked toilet facilities in their premises go to the nearby bushes to do their business.

While quoting UNDP’s findings that some houses in urban centers in Ondo state lack toilet facilities, he urged house owners   to ensure that they provide toilet facilities in their premises in order to redeem the image of their towns.

He expressed that the work is going on as he enthused “Our trucks are moving around now to pack all the dirt that had been gathered by residents”.

Also speaking about the buildings that have violated sanitation laws, he stated that they will be served with notices soon by their men as soon as they open for business while expressing optimism that by next month, the situation would have been rectified.

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