Dangers of social media on youths

Admin 15 Nov, 2017 News, Opinion

By Ayesoro Oluwaseun
Social media is a means of interaction among people many Nigerians including the rich and poor, educated and illiterate, Muslim and Christian now enjoy the services of the social media, but the youths are the major players in what had been tagged as the digital age.

As we now live in  the 21st century world, where the world has now become a global world as everyone now has the world in their palms, with just a few seconds  information can reach even the remote part of the world. A big kudos to the world of technology, but as good as the technology is, it has    negative impact on the youths because most of the youths are now addicted to the internet. They spend their useful time on the internet doing unnecessary things.

Social media is everywhere, it is an inseparable part of every youth’s life. It controls the mind of youths like a giant remote control. Many youths usually spend sleepless nights on social media sites without the knowledge of their parents.

Many people have a presence on one of the social media sites and many are addicted to it, for it is the quickest way to contact friends. Like every good thing, it has a flip side as well.  Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp etc also have  negative effects.

Social media has reduced academic performance. It has taken away the reading time of many youths. Higher institution students abbreviate in their writing even during examinations and grammatical errors is not far away from them, this has resulted in low grade due to fixation on the social media  in schools.

There are many other instances where social media has changed youths’ behaviour, but not in good ways, the language they use has become so poor with grammatical mistakes. The use of social media by employees while working has decreased their performance, individual’s reputations have also been harmed in many ways.

Also it takes away socialisation from the youths, let’s face it, your numerous list of friends on social media sites are really not the ones you call on when you are alone, instead the time spent on the internet takes away the time you would otherwise have spent meeting real people in a real environment.

Lack of creativity is not an exceptional the youths find it difficult to think beyond the box to know what they can do with their time which can be productive to them and the nation at large.

Social media also brings about isolation. Indeed you may be connected with your online friends every day, but physically you are spending less time outdoors and with other human beings. This lack of physical contact with your fellow human beings can result in many symptoms including depression  and anxiety.

Spending a lot of time on social media sites can be dangerous. Often it is very difficult to moderate unsavoury content due to its viral nature. This may have a negative effect on the minds of the youths leading them to have a sadistic and defeatist view of the society.

Social media has also become a very attractive open market for the recruitment and training of the youths in terrorism and all manners vices in the society. It has become the greatest source of trash and falsehood, all sorts of behaviours are picked from the social media and have become very detrimental to the very fabric of our culture and family life. Today, through social media, our youths are living all kinds of socially unapproved lifestyles which has become a deadly poison to our society.

The good and bad go hand-in-hand, but more than anything else, all the youths need is to be vigilant and create a balance.

Ayesoro Oluwaseun is an intern with The Hope Newspaper


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