Change your mindset about Politics, Analyst charges Nigerian youths

Admin 15 Nov, 2017 Politics

By Bimbo Akindunbi
Youths in the country who have political ambition, have been advised to have a positive mindset about politics  in the nation.

Mr. Adebola Adesuyi, an Akure-based public Affairs analyst, gave the advice while speaking with The Hope on some issues pertaining to Nigeria youths.

His words,”If we continue with that mindset, that I will go into politics to make money, then, the problem of the country will persist.

“What I expect the youth to do, they are not doing it. They are already blaming our current leaders who happen to fall within the age range of 50’s to their 70’s, for the present woes.

Adesuyi, who emphasized that any right thinking youth today should not be thinking about going to politics to enrich his or her pocket, but be a change agent who will do everything possible to make things work in the country.

” Politics is good for the youths. And its good for the youths to go into politics. But with the mindset that let me go and make a change for the benefit of the society.

“Enough of this individualism. That’s the major problem that has put this nation where it is today.

” Let me go and grab for myself, my family and my generation unborn. That’s the problem we have.

” It’s good if the youth are politically ambitious. But let them go into it with a different mindset.

“The mindset that I’m going to make a change, a difference and change the status quo,” he said.

He also encouraged the youths to be humble enough to start from somewhere.

He said,” The only problem we have with the current orientation of our youth is that, most of them don’t want to start from the scratch.

“They want to start from the top. That’s why you see them cutting corners.

He encouraged the youths to learn one skill or the other, so they can be self-reliant.

“Vocational trainings for both the adults and the youths are all over the places. There are skill acquisition here are there..

” That’s where the country is heading to, because there are no more white collar jobs.

“When you look at it, banks are sacking massively. Even some states like Kaduna has said it will reduce the civil service.

” What I’m saying in essence, is not that I am happy about what is happening. But what is happening right now is that, there are no more white collar jobs out there.

“Even if you think about travailing abroad, you will discover that most of our youths go there to live on these skills.

” You see them sewing clothes, making hair, and working in restaurants.

“The era of saying I’m a first-class graduate  was gone.

” There’s no skill acquired that is useless, “ he stated.

On what governments at all levels could do to encourage the Nigerian youths, Adesuyi stressed that any proactive government must create an enabling environment for the youths to thrive.

“First and foremost, the government must provide adequate security and  electricity. They are very essential.

“ If they do these, at least, they would have taken care of 80%.

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