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Business: Mattress cleaning

Admin 20 Nov, 2017 Business

By Tope Babatope
Start up cost: N100,000 – N250,000

Estimated income earning: High income


Word of mouth. Generally publicity in the press is a crucial success factor, as it helps to create public awareness and expand the market. Complimentary cards and personal contact can also be added.

Why it is a good business

Mattress is said to be the most contaminated object in people’s homes, not only that it can accommodate dust mites but allow bacteria and viruses to build up to dangerous levels. According to some experts, dirty mattresses are potentially dangerous to health, especially for people, who suffer from allergies or asthma, eczema,hay fever, bronchitis ,itchy red eyes, headaches, fatigue, early morning fits of excessive sneezing, even a feeling of depression.

It was learnt that dirty mattresses breed mites, sometimes millions may inhabit one home, and are invisible to human eye. Experts therefore advised that a regular bed care routine, such as clean bed linen, hot water washing, plus mattress servicing twice a year is a better preventive measure against exposure to dust mites and micro organisms . Demand for mattress cleaning is soaring with more than one million beds in Nigeria in households, chalets, hospitals, hotels, hostels. Of course the market is enormous and opportunities abound.

Skill Necessary: The person must be energetic and skillful with a little training in modern mattress cleaning and sanitizing process. Training in application of chemicals on various mattress surfaces. Two to three weeks hands-on training is enough for one to begin the business, according to our source.

Staff Requirements:

One can start alone and employ people to do the work as the business grows. It is simple to start.

Equipment /Materials Needed:

Vacuum cleaner with brush attachments, commercial upholstery cleaning product, preferably citrus-based, clean sponges, clean white absorbent cloths, broom, white vinegar, pet clean-up product hydrogen peroxide for blood stains.

Start Up:

Mattress cleaning is a good business and simple to start. The overheads are very low and there is an existing market. One must have a sound business plan, a comprehensive feasibility study to make  sure there is little money to meet little expenses until the business starts to make money. With less than N100,000 one can buy a brand new mattress cleaning machine, which beat mattress at about 3600 beats per minute and at the same time kill the dust mites and other bacteria and allergens with its built in UVC germicidal lamp, and then sucks up the muck with its 400 watt motor into a special cleanable filter system that only lets pure fresh air. Starter needs little investment and there is a very high income potential if one works hard.

Bottom Line Advice

An expert advised that anyone going into the business must target the market, know the customers and reach them with the service. Reinvest all the income from the business in first six months and get more determined to grow the business  and take advantage of economic of scale. According to our source, there’s going to be competition and more Nigerians are investigating the possibilities of making this business part of their multiple streams of income sources. It was also said that with little training in modern mattress cleaning  and sanitizing process can remove and destroy dust mites and other fungal spores. Good finished services involve applying deodorants, flame, retardants and other fabric protectants.

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