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Building positive personality

Admin 13 Nov, 2017 Business

By Tope Babatope
Jordan Belfort, the author of the book and inspiration for the movie The Wolf Wall Street, said, “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve  it. Excuses are the lies you convince yourself are true to avoid proving you are worthy of the gift you were given. Are you sick of telling yourself, Tomorrow l will do something different , but that ” tomorrow ” never comes?” What then are the steps to building positive personality?

Self- Discipline and Responsibility:

Your ability and willingness to discipline yourself to accept personal responsibility for your life are essential to happiness ,health, success, achievement, and personal leadership . Accepting responsibility is one of the hardest of all discipline, but without it, no success is possible. The failure to accept responsibility and the attempt to foist responsibility  for things in your life that make you unhappy onto other people, institutions, and situations completely distort cause and effect, undermine your character, weaken your resolve, and diminish your humanity. They lead to making endless excuses..

When people accept additional responsibility they are actually giving themselves a promotion.Responsible behavior is to accept accountability. That represents maturity. Acceptance of responsibility is a reflection of our attitude and the environment we operate in. Most people are quick to take credit for what goes right but very few would readily accept responsibility when things go wrong. A person who does not accept responsibility is not absolved from being responsible. Your objective is to cultivate responsible behavior .

Avoid phrases such as: everyone else does it,or no one does it, or it is all your fault. People who don’t accept responsibility shift the blame either to their parents , teachers, genes, peers, etc. Responsible behavior should be inculcated right from childhood . It cannot be taught without a certain degree of obedience. According to Winston Churchill, the price of greatness is responsibility .

When you are growing up, from early age you become conditioned to see yourself as not responsible for your life. This is normal and natural. When you are a child, your parents are in charge. They make all your decisions. They decide what food you will eat, what clothes you will wear, what toys you will play with, what home you will live in, what school you will attend, and what activities you will engage in during your spare time. Because you are young, innocent, and unknowing, you do what they want you to do. You have little choice or control.

As you grow up, however, you begin to make more and more of your own decisions in each of these areas. But because of your early programming, you are conditioned unconsciously to feel that someone else is still responsible for your life, that there is still someone out there who can or should take care of you. Most people grow up believing that if something goes wrong, someone else is responsible . Someone else is to blame. Someone else is guilty. Someone else is the villain and they are the victim. As a result , most people make more and more excuses for the things in their lives, past and present , that make them unhappy.

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