Akeredolu is committed to economic development of Ondo State –Olowolabi

Admin 15 Nov, 2017 News

By Kayode Crown
Ondo State Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Mr. Yemi Olowolabi has assured the people of the State that the Arakunrin Akeredolu-led government is committed to improving the fortune of the state through an all round economic development.

Olowolabi declared this while speaking in Akure during an interview session in his office.

“We knew the need to take the bull by the horns was inevitable hence the decision to be pragmatic. Our focus is on making the economy of the state buoyant, viable and sustainable by laying emphasis on our areas of strength, where we have relative advantage. We have the longest coast line in Nigeria, which means nature has bestowed on us a gift of immeasurable economic advantage.

“All we need is to be proactive and sensible, tap into the benefits derivable from this gift of nature. It is no longer a secret that Governor Akeredolu has been making efforts to get the State a deep seaport, which would help in no small way to improve the lot of the state. Everyone knows a deep seaport will catapult the state into a beehive of economic activities.

“This government is not unmindful of the bitumen deposit in the state. By the time the Federal and State governments conclude the paperwork on the exploration of this deposit, definitely, our collective fortune is bound to improve.

“We are also maximising the opportunities available in the agriculture sector. With the vegetation we have across the three senatorial districts of the state, it would be a disservice to the people if we do not make use of the sector to boost our economy. To show our seriousness, trainings are being conducted for and loans given out to youths who are interested in farming

“Agriculture will be used to take as many as possible youths off the unemployment market. The task is achievable.”

The Commissioner assured that Governor Akeredolu intends to leave a lasting legacy.

“This government has the mission to improve the people, the infrastructure and strengthen the system. Years after leaving office, a good leader should be remembered for the transformation he brought into governance. This is in form of the economic well-being he was able to bring about in office,” he said.

According to him, “The economic situation of the state is not the best due to our reliance on stipend we collect from federation account. That notwithstanding, we however, remain determined to move the state forward in spite of the challenges. People in government need to make use of the power they have to change the fortune of the people. We believe we can do it.”

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