Why your dress matters

Admin 27 Oct, 2017 Features, News

By Maria Famakinwa
Many do not understand that the clothes they wear communicate louder to others their intentions, little wonder the saying “dress the way you should be addressed ” What you put on reveal your person, your employment, emotions and intention.

The way we dress brings out the hidden truth about us. Our dress sense affects our reputations negatively or positively. The clothes we wear send powerful signals to others and also project our self image as one cannot mistake a shoe cobler for a lawyer or banker.

Some people who spoke to The Hope revealed that many are not aware of the fact that what we put on pass strong messages about them to others why few that are aware of this do not consider it as important.

A businessman,  Mr Nnejl Obi explained that he is very much aware of the fact that one’s appearance can either add value to a person or de-value the person which make him never to joke with  his appearance.”Giving the nature of my job, you must dress well to be respected. This does not mean  putting on expensive cloth. My point of emphasis is that one should dress responsibly.

“What makes up a person is all encompassing and none should be neglected. There are some that like to dress simple yet, responsible. Our dressing tells people the way we should be treated.”

Sharing similar sentiment, a civil servant, Mr Kola Oluoba, hinted that there is nothing that revealed one’s intention like the way one dress hence, the need to give it priority. “Atimes, some innocent people are mistakingly arrested by law enforcement agents whenever there is a problem in a particular area because of the way they dressed. Many because of this are still serving jail terms. Our dressing in other words, goes a long way to save us or harm us.

“The way you dress can affect your  image and self esteem, the impression that you convey to others and the way people behaves towards you. Many because of the way dressed have missed good opportunities.”

On if it takes a wealthy man to dress well, there is a difference between putting on expensive cloth and being decently dressed.”I do not believe that it is until when you spend N50,000 on suit before you can be well dressed. There are clothes that one can easily get at cheap price and look good.”

A counselor, MrsJumokeAdejola, observed that the way one dress introduces one anywhere and  makes us to be seen in the light that we wish to be.  “Dressing will tell you whom a doctor or a trader is. One’s intention can be known through the way the person dress. Hence, the need to be concerned about our appearances because dressing exude our personalities and social status.”

While advising people to always be decent in their dress, she added that people’s integrity have a lot to do with the clothes they put on.

“I am usually disturbed sometimes when I see some ladies and even married women putting on clothes that expose their breasts or putting on trousers that are tight to show their shapes. This is quite worrisome because it is only commercial sex workers that are known for this. The message these people are passing to others is that they  are not responsible and should not be respected because the way you dress tells whom you  are, ” she added.

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