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Ondo SDP urges Nigerians to support Buhari’s  anti-corruption crusade

Admin 25 Oct, 2017 Politics

By Bimbo Akindunbi
Nigerians have been called upon to throw their weight behind the anti-corruption crusade of President Muhammadu Buhari, in order to fasttrack the development of the nation.

With all hands are on deck, the collective crusade will facilitate the development and progress of the country in all sectors, thereby putting the nation in the league of developed nations.

Chief Korede Duyile, Ondo State Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), made the statement in an interview with The Hope.

According to him, the president has the desire to fight corruption in the country for the betterment of all, but he has been facing some forces working against the progress of Nigeria.

He said: “In all fairness, I know President Buhari has the best of intentions. It is topmost on his heart, because he knew corruption has been the bane of development of this country.

” Sincerely, corruption has become pervasive and it has eaten deep into the system.

” So, where do we start from?

“There is corruption right from the clerk in the office to the very top. Even the artisan is as much corrupt as the government worker or as corporate.

“But then, the fight against corruption must start from the top, so that it can permeate down.And if you are starting from the top, it must involve everybody.

“if we all, I mean collectively rise to support our leader to tackle corruption  to a barest minimum, the nation would be better for it.

On what Nigerians can do to assist the presidency in combating the scourge, Duyile suggested the structure of the country needs to be changed, stressing it is a fundamental issue that has to be resolved.

“We, as individuals must also examine ourselves. We need to ask questions like, ” what and where have I gone wrong?

“We must teach our values, because our values have been destroyed by political .

” Also, we need a change of orientation. We should start the teachings from home, schools, and our government organisations.

“Then, those in governance at every level should lead by example,” he emphasised.

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