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Carpet, rug cleaning

Admin 30 Oct, 2017 Business

By Tope Babatope
Estimated income: N200,000 ,N500,000 or more depending on capital invested.


Words of mouth, personal contact,advert on radio or tv etc. box adverts on newspaper pages,

Why it’s a good business to do:

Rugs are part of the accessories that make a room or an office beautiful in terms of decorations. Rug is a piece of thick warm fabric used in covering the floor. In view of the aesthetic value rugs add to a particular room or outer space , even big altars in some churches , majority of people now go for rug. There are different colors and types of rugs you can come back, it is equally important to maintain the quality and cleanliness of such rugs to do that, the rug cleaners are involved.This of course implies that anyone venturing into such business of cleaning will enjoy available market .

Rug retains high volume of sand and could easily be noticed when it is not cleaned regularly. Cleaning of carpet or rug has given rise to an important and profitable service business. You can dabble into this business , the business can provide you with a decent income and start you on the way to riches..

Skills Necessary:

The person must be skillful and have ability to motivate others. It does not need serious academic qualifications , a school certificate holder should be able to perform well in this area if he has a focus.

Staff Requirement:

One or two people can join the person starting the business.

Equipment /Raw Materials Needed:

Vacuum cleaner, rug scrubber, ( light weight portable machines) detergents, bowl, plastic packer, broom, mop.

Start up:

In starting the business the first requirement is interest, understudy somebody that is doing it in your environment . The job should not be seen as one for drop outs. It is easy to operate. Setting up the business requires a small amount of about N50000 or  a little above . One can conveniently operate from a room in the person’s apartment or can  get an office in a well located area n the town that would be easily accessible . Our investigation revealed that carpets are cleaned by lightweight, portable machines and these can be got from equipment merchants and large general goods stores. There are basically two types , one is an industrial type vacuum cleaner, the other one is rug scrubber . The process of these machines is simple.

When the business is progressing you may buy more machines and employ more people this may necessitate you establishing more branches in other locations.

Bottom Line Advice:

Our source advised any potential investor to visit departmental stores or markets for good machines where they will show you how the equipment is operated. When you have learned the technique, do a few practical jobs in your home or a relatives  home to ensure you know the technicalities involved. Perfect your technique so you can do a first class work. A business consultant , Mr Ladi Akinola advised that once you get started, much of your business will come from recommendations of satisfied customers. To secure jobs initially may require one to advertise in local papers around you.

Our source explained that another way to get business is to print handbills and deliver to each home or offices in one’s neighborhood .To be in business you must have the idea of  how much others in the business charge per job this is necessary in order not to over price your service .

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