YYC kicks against restructuring

Admin 22 Sep, 2017 Politics

By Mary Agidi
The Yoruba Youth Congress, YYC, has kicked against calls for restructuring of Nigeria  saying restructuring the country is not an anti-dote to the current situation but will rather worsen it.

This was contained in a communique issued at a Press Conference organized recently by the Yoruba Youth Congress on the clamour for restructuring.

According to YYC, it is an indisputable fact that Nigeria is ill at the moment but disagreed that immediate restructuring is the solution to the illness.

The Congress expressed belief that there’s no challenge which we face as a nation presently that cannot be overcome if the various institutions of government are strengthened to work at optimum level as obtained in matured democracy within the globe.

“From our interaction with people of various shades of opinion, we discovered that the word “Restructuring ” mean different things to different people.

“To some, it means reverting to the old regional structure,but without a definitive assertion of the particular regional structure being considered, to some it means beating the drum of war and to some it’s outright disintegration of the country.

“We as a group and a major stakeholder in the Nigeria project has decided to add our voice to this debate as it would be a great disservice to the fatherland to keep quiet in this period of grave national emergency.

“The loudest advocates of restructuring are the manipulative elites and ruling class who manipulates the narratives to suit their selfish and parochial interest.

“We have not seen or heard any one of them elucidating on how restructuring would benefit the suffering masses who on daily basis are confronted with various problems ranging from hunger to lack of basic needs of life.

“This group of people go as far as cajoling the masses to take position that are even detrimental to their own well being. How much interest of the common man have they protected in the past, who are the operators of the present structure?

“If Nigeria is restructured, are we going to bring people from Mars to run the structure? Isn’t it the same ruling class that has almost “knocked ” the engine of the vehicle of this present structure that will hold sway at the regional levels?”, the Communique read.

YYC therefore submitted that what the country needs now are strong institutions that are alive to their responsibilities and the need to clamour for restructuring would pale into insignificance.

It noted further that reverting to regionalism is just transferring all the present challenges to the regions considered not smart enough at this time, adding that the issues and challenges facing Nigeria transcend physical restructuring.

“We are yet to be convinced that there’s a correlation between the present structure and lack of development in the country, but the lack of capacity, sincerity and commitment of the ruling elites

“With regionalism, we might be laying the foundation for balkanization of the country, the founding fathers and leaders of the country were great nationalist whose interest of the federation was paramount in their heart but this is no longer the case.

“While we haven’t in anyway endorsed strictly the present structure of the country since there’s no room for amendment and improvement, we equally condemned the call for regional government”, it stated.

The Congress however agreed that restructuring of the mind of political leaders and elites is a condition precedent to any physical restructuring of the country.

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