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‘We’re working for Nigeria’s unity’

Admin 27 Sep, 2017 Politics

By Bukola Olamona
A Senator in the Second Republic and also the Chairman of the Political  Committee  of Afenifere,  Prof  Banji Akintoye  has said that those clamouring for restructuring are not playing with Nigerians  unity as perceived by the Federal Government.

Akintoye made this known during an interview programme monitored on Channels  Television  on Monday.

He  said” We are actually working for the unity of Nigeria because we now understand that as long as it continues the way it Is going, for power to be over concentrated at the center, it will not augur well”

He further said that what Nigeria is lacking is the Federal Government that is committed to the wish of its people.

“If the Federal Government is committed to see the will of the people done, the thing to do is to create some structures for sorting things out.

“Citizens can only say what they want, they cannot do it, there must be a Federal Government that will provide the leadership  to sort things out”.

He posited that Nigeria is a large country, thereby her people can never be on the same  page, hence the need for a good leadership  by the Federal government.

Earlier, in another interview, a Senator of the Second Republic, Alhaji Tanko Yakassai (OFR) posited that Nigeria should go back to the 1963 constitution.

He also stated that  what Nigeria  needs is National Development Plan and not restructuring.

According to Yakassai “what we need is National Development Plan where  Local Governments  and the State Governments  will make inputs and the  central will produce the national plan”

He added that what could make a country  be a better place to live is when it makes use of five things which are capacity, competence, vision, plan and integrity.

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