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Steps to regain control of health habit

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By Tola Gbadamosi
Losing weight requires motivation, determination, and will power, as well as changes to eating, exercise, sleep, and stress in abatement habits. But what we seldom hear about is how important it is to be organised. It is good we do not panic because experts have put together many small steps you can take to regain control of your life and your body.

It is extraordinarily difficult to prepare a healthy food and get to the gym if you do not have an organized schedule to fit it all in. For the chronically disorganized, creating a more orderly lifestyle might just be the best first step toward changing habits in all of these areas.

If you are reading this and thinking about the many areas of your life that is disorganised, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and discouraged in spending a small amount of time getting more organized before embarking on a weight-loss journey, you will find the weight comes off more easily.

Speaking with Wellness &Fitness, Mr Lukman Akeem from Koji State, who is an exercise expert, gave some ways to create a calmer lifestyle to support your weight-loss effort. He said, “after 17 years of working with clients, I often see a strong correlation between disorganization and difficulty with sticking with a weight-loss plan and the inverse too. The more organized my clients are, the more they are to reach their weight-loss goals.

“For overweight individuals who desire to take off the extra pounds, no matter how good their intentions are, overhauling their diet and activity might not be the best first step.

“Whether you keep a strict schedule or not, you are probably more organized about time than you realize. You know when you must be at work, and what time you can leave. You are aware of what time the children have to be picked up from school, what days they have sport practice, and when they need to be in Church. If you are a sports fan, you know what day and time the next game is on and where you will be watching it.

“Now let’s take those same skills of scheduling and fine tune them for weight loss. This is what most people do not do, especially the men.

“It would be good for you if you can schedule your workouts, and treat exercise time like any other appointment. You can just pick a specific time each week to review your calendar for the days ahead and schedule your workouts accordingly.

“Do not forget to always take along any of your mini gym set. That is why most tennis players always take along their tennis kit wherever they go, which enables them to play tennis at all time. I ask my clients to anticipate any unexpected obstacles that might arise, and come up with strategies to overcome them so that they can always exercise

“We also note that people who stay up late consume more calories than those who go to sleep at a reasonable and predictable hour each night. Sleep deprivation messes with the hormones that signal hunger and fullness levels. Plus, when you are tired, you are more emotional and your will power wanes.

” An organized and consistent sleep schedule will not just make you feel better, it will keep you focused and help you reach your weight-loss goal.

Akeem further said that “without doubt, living or working in a chaotic environment is stressful. When you can not find the keys, you will be late for appointments. If the kitchen is in a mess, or the cabinets are overflowing, and you never have the right tools, you will certainly not want to prepare and cook meals at home. But rather buy snack.

“At all time, when you arrange your work place to always know where to find your sneakers, headphones, water bottle and workout clothes, heading out the door for your workouts is a much easier process. Keeping a gym bag, like I said, ready to go at all times saves time and stress. Don’t forget to empty dirty clothing into your hamper and restock with clean stuff as soon as you return.

“A ready-to-go toiletry kit is a great idea if you will be showering at a gym after working out (rather than always packing and unpacking your gear or forgetting something at home). As a bonus, this small task of organizing your exercise gear may just inspire you to begin cleaning out the rest of your closet and drawers!

“I had a client sometime ago called Linda. After Linda spent a few weeks organizing her home and car, she started getting to her appointments at the gym on time, and she noticed the weight beginning to come off.

Another person was Kola who needed to tone up his muscle and pledged to stop work at an earlier hour in the evenings and began following a bedtime routine that got him a consistent eight hours of sleep a night. He was delighted to see the scale moving in the right direction with these organizational changes, despite very little change in his eating habits.”

Which areas of your life could have the biggest impact if they were a little more organized? Start there, and take one small step at a time. You too may find that disorganization is slowing down your weight-loss efforts, but a few small tweaks can make a world of difference inside and out!

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