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By Tope Babatope
Many of us from childhood have believed and internalized certain negative and untrue things about ourselves that has led us to think poorly of ourselves . This is tragic. This is why we sell ourselves short, and this is how we develop poor self- esteem. The truth about life is that none of us is born poor self-esteem: we learned it. A poor self esteem is a result of years of negative brain- washing. A poor self-esteem is the accumulated effect of lies we have believed about ourselves that we are now acting out.

Poor self-esteem, otherwise known as inferiority complex, is a powerful force that destroys relationships, careers, families and even our health, and has no regard for age, sex, race, religion, temperament , financial status, family background or geographical location.

Zig Ziglar said, “it’s impossible to consistently behave in a manner inconsistent with how we see ourselves . We can do very few things in a positive way if we feel negative about ourselves”.If you believe you are worthless, then you won’t add value to your self. Most people live their lives according to what others believe about them because they accept others’ value of them without question. If the important people in their lives expect them to go nowhere, then that’s what they expect for themselves . That’s fine if you are surrounded by people who believe in you. But if you are not?

You shouldn’t become too concerned about what others might think of you. You should be more concerned about what you think of yourself. If you put a small value on yourself, rest assured the world will not raise the price. If you want to become the person you have the potential to be, you must believe you can.

Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves. Our opinion of ourselves critically influences everything, from our performance at work, our relationships and our role as parents, to our accomplishments in life. Self esteem is a major component in determining success or failure.

High self esteem leads to a happy, gratifying and purposeful life. Unless you perceive yourself as worthwhile, you cannot have high self-esteem. Self- esteem gives you internal drive. All great world leaders and teachers throughout history have concluded that one must be internally driven in order to be a success.

People with high self-esteem grow in conviction, competence and willingness to accept responsibility . They face life with optimism, better relationships and more fulfilling lives. They are motivated and ambitious. They are more sensitive . Their performance and risk-taking ability go up. They are open to new opportunities and challenges . They can give and receive criticism and compliments, tactfully and with ease.

Self- esteem is a feeling that comes from the awareness of what is good and having done.

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