Ondo APC warns opposition parties over hate speech

Admin 12 Sep, 2017 Politics

By Femi Atolagbe
The Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo state, Omoba Abayomi Adesanya, has advised the opposition parties in the country to see the decision of the presidency to treat hate speech as an act of terrorism, as proper.

Adesanya, who made this known during a telephone interview with The Hope in Akure, the state capital, noted that despite the provision of freedom of information  in our constitution, Nigerians needed to be guided against speaking some languages that can threaten the unity of the country.

He said treating hate speech as an act of terrorism is never a ploy by the current administration to gag the voice of opposition parties, but to make Nigeria one indivisible nation.

According to him, making hate speech an act of terrorism will transcend any political party. If enacted into law, it will be binding  on all the citizens of the country irrespective of their political party.

The spokesman of the party admonished the opposition parties not to politicise the issue, adding that opposition can criticise, but it must constructively criticise the ruling party in order to put them on their toes.

“We understand that strong opposition is a good ingredient of democracy. But it needs to be done with utmost decorum.

“Attacking and defiling personality character without a cogent information and evidences is a cheer wickedness and politics taken too far.

“Some people, after the lost of 2015 election, have resorted to series of unguarded statements that can pitch one region against another.

“Hate speeches promote separatism. It can trigger religious disharmony and it can lead to war.

“Every statement that can cause distractions or divisions in the country must be guided in order for us not to go the way of Somali, Egypt and some other countries that are waging war against themselves.

“Nigeria belongs to all of us and we must come together and make sure we do away with sedition. It will not do us any good rather than irredeemable lost. Some people are still feeling and nursing the pains of 1965 civil war.

Adesanya said military and other security agencies have been monitoring individual activities in this country for a very long time.

“The monitoring did not just start under the current administration. That is what we call intelligence gathering. Military, Police, DSS and others will gather their own intelligence about every citizen to guide against any unforeseen situation.”

“In western world, there are many paramilitary that are gathering information about the American citizens. That is why you see their quick responses to any situation,” he said.

He reiterated that treating HATE speech as an act of terrorism and monitoring of activities of Nigeria on all social media are in order.

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