Nigeria’s situation: Who to blame?

Admin 13 Sep, 2017 News, Opinion

By Ayesoro Oluwaseun
Change is what all of us are clamouring for in our country, even our leaders are championing it, yet the change we want and look forward to see around us is not forthcoming

Where did we get it wrong? It is sociologically believed that family is the smallest unit of the society, this means we have to get it right from the smallest unit before we can get the desirable change we are clamouring for at the highest level .

Nigeria is our beloved country. It is sometimes called a land of possibilities by some. This is a country where governments at various tiers are managing nothing but embezzlement and corruption. They are rather devouring everything, including our future.

Nothing thrives with them except the business of stealing and connection. Politics is the surest road to instant success, they often say.

We seem to have lamented so much about everything around us and it seems there is no hope in sight. This subject matter affects all at different stages of progression and developments. I have reasoned at supersonic speed and I concluded that I should register my disappointment on the part of the youths and I wish this piece serves as a springboard to developing a workable rolling plan for our disappointed youths.

It is high time the so called leaders of tomorrow arise to the challengesto make the desirable change to occur, indeed the youths have lost hope in their leaders, there is no trust again. will like to challenge the youths that are they prepared to take over, raise the banner of change and paint everywhere with the colour of desirable change?

It is time for youths of our generation to arise and shine for their light has come. Our Lord Jesus began preparation for His three and half years ministry at age twelve, and he began manifestation thirty years. Our youths need to know that preparation come first before manifestation.

For how long can we continue to lament the country’s misfortune?

For how long can we continue to await our economic messiah?

For how long can we continue to cry, pray and hope for a change that’s not even coming from anywhere?

We cannot sit down, fold our arms and watch the change we all anticipate for to manifest.

Its high time we think of what we can do to turn things around and complaining that the government has failed us woefully

As youths, we all look forward for what the leaders can do for us but as youths, what is our contribution making life more bearable for us?

We tend to be more focused on the welfare of whatever it is that concerns us personally while we show non-chantant attitudes to others. We care about what happens to others in the society, we are so care so much about ourselves alone and not about others, this must be done away with for change for betterment to occur around us. May I ask these from you concerning others around you:

When they cry, do we console and wipe the tears from their eyes or mock them instead and blame them for their misfortunes?

Do we call them to order when they go astray or we simply say it is none sed or we hope for them to come begging from us for daily bread?

We cannot continue to blame the government for every little thing that occurs.

The need to check within ourselves is important as well.

We refuse to take actions immediately we perceive foul play because it doesn’t concern us nor our loved ones, but as soon as it does we start writing open letters. We start ranting on the social media and then it seems like we are being cheated, whereas we had the chance to curb such injustice long even before its conception.

We then say the Bible has said they are signs of end time?

Will rapture take place only in Nigeria out of the countries in the world? This is a question begging for an answer with the current situation in this country. in the advanced countries, citizens would never allow themselves to be robbed of their rights (learned or illiterate), they always stand for what they believe in, but here, if it favours one side, we are okay and good to go ahead with it.

Do we even have rights in this country of ours?

Nevertheless, I believe now is the time to retrace our steps and help the government to help us by preparing a template and be proactive to whatever or wherever injustice looms. Injustice to one is injustice to all.

Let us start by taking active part in the governance of our society as well.

If we can watch each other’s back and be our brother’s keeper, the world will definitely be a better place for us and our unborn children.

Arise and Let us do something now, change doesn’t roll in on the wheels of negligence and ignorance.

Ayesoro is an Intern with The Hope from Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko

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