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Cassava starch production

Admin 18 Sep, 2017 Business

By Tope Babatope
Start up cost:

N200,000 – N400,000


Word of mouth, personal contact, sales agent etc.

Why it’s a good business to start:

Starch is a by- product of cassava. The use of starch cuts across the societal strata. In every home, you cannot but see starch because every well tailored or designed cloth needs a little starch to make it gay after washing. Some men apply starch lightly to their shirts to make these nice and trendy. Starch is used as perfect finisher for washed fabrics or linen materials, to make way for easy ironing. Starch production is a lucrative business in view of its constant demand by consumers. You can start in your own little way.

Skills necessary :

Energetic, skillful and ability to motivate others .Any academic qualifications should be able to thrive in the business .The starter must also have marketing zeal.

Staff Requirement:

One or two people may be needed to join the person starting the business to support production and marketing of products.

Equipment / Materials needed:

Cassava tubers, grater, sifting machine, water, bowls, white clean cloth, nylon, packaging papers with trade mark.

Start Up:

If you have made up your mind to start the business get about N100,000 ,N200,000 to N400,000 to be on a stable ground to start up. This amount will take care of the raw materials and equipment .From this vote N20000 for cassava at the initial take off, buy bowls, white cloth, nylon and small sealing machine costing about N50,000, grater machine of about N50,000 to N60,000(locally fabricated one) and N15,000 for packaging .The moment the cassava is uprooted, peel, wash and grate. The grating machine will grind the tubers into mash. Add water to the grated cassava and mix properly .Get a basin or bowl and spread a white clean cloth on the bowl and pour the grated cassava on the cloth. What is left on the bowl is the shaft, while you see the milk starch inside the bowl. Give it few hours to settle, drain the water, the substance that is left in the basin is the starch.

You will need a dying machine to complete the production process. When this is available the next stage is that the milk pump will be pumped into the dryer after drying up, then package the dried starch into the nylons made in different sizes for sales- ranging from 50 grammes to 150 grammes and above. From a Kongo size of starch you may get over 700 grammes.

Bottom Line Advice:

For your starch to be of high standard and make ironing easy, your starch must contain borax and ultra marine blue to make the clothes brighter while naphthalene is for germicide. An expert in this business advised that the cassava must be processed on the day it is harvested otherwise the kind of starch of starch that will come out of it will not be good for use. For anyone going into the business, the acceptable starch specifications according to our source are physical characteristics: moisture content 10-13%, HGN free,iron2mg/kg and acidity 1.0% maximum.

For quick recouping of investment ,let your product packaging be neat and attractive, equally get responsible sakes personnel with marketing zeal.

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