Allow youths take over governance, Nigerian leaders charged

Admin 06 Sep, 2017 Politics

By Femi Atolagbe
A prominent leader of the youth wing of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State, Comrade Blessing Adebowale Akinlosotu, over the weekend called on Nigerian political leaders to give ample  opportunity to young professionals to take over governance.

Akinlosotu who made this known in a press release made available to The Hope noted that the country may not get it right until the youths are allowed to take the front burner.

According to the release, Akinlosotu during a meeting of some young professionals under the aieges of Forum of Emerging Leaders (FELs) at Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja, said those who understand the language of the 21st century should be in charge of governance in the 21st century.

He posited that all the nations that had progressed from developing to developed countries in the last one decade were able to do so because their youths were productively and effectively engaged by their leaders.

“Our leaders should give us a space. Nigeria is blessed with young people with first class brains that could compete anywhere in the world.

” It is the young people that understand the language of Information Technology, Modern Agriculture, Telecom, Automobiles and other tools needed to reshape governance today.

“It is the youths that could creatively and innovatively think.

“The older generation should allow us to lead while they guide us, because the formula for solving globalization quagmires lie in the hands of the younger generation.

“Nigeria cannot afford to be recycling power among same people that have been in the saddle since 1960,” he posited.

Akinlosotu said the politics of gerontocracy currently being played in Nigeria will spell doom and agony for the country if the country’s political bourgeoisies fail to engage the youths progressively.

“Nigerian youths demand for justice.  We demand that we should be engaged.  We can’t continue in this manner and expect progress”.

“Tanzania has overtaken Nigeria in the development index.

“Gabon is now the number one destination of investors in Africa,” he said.

Young people makes it happen in those countries. Nigerian leaders should save Nigeria from this impending agony by engaging young professionals embedded with integrity and managerial acumen to be in charge. Enough is enough,” he concluded.

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