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SUCCESS TIPS: The creative worker

Admin 07 Aug, 2017 Business

Humans have the capacity to create because we are made in God’s image.Our creative capacities are so great they manifest early in life. Creativity is the logical product of wisdom and knowledge, and manifests itself in ideas, inventions and innovation.

You may want to ask, who is a creative worker?

The one who has the ability to create things . The one who has the creative power. The one who works in creativity and thinks innovative.He or she has the deposit of creative power. He has creativity in him or her and making it functioning as deposited in his life. The scripture says, “l wisdom in prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions”(proverbs 8:12).

Innovation takes objects around you and turns them into something else, something more, something more unique.

Micheal Novak provided profound insight about the link between creativity and prosperity. He said,.. God created humans in his own image, to be co- creators. Each woman and man is born with the inalienable right to personal economic initiative, the right to invent and create. Each human being is an image of God, born to be creative and inventive.

This is noticeable in the opening submission of Smiths Inquiry into the Nature and cause of the Wealth of Nations 1776, in his example of the invention of the machine for mass production pins. Such invention is the chief cause of new wealth. This  emphasis upon invention and creativity is the distinctive characteristic of the capitalist economy.

The truth is that everyone on earth has the ability to solve a problem. Having access to the creativity and innovation of God. Find a problem that needs a solution and solve it. When you do, wealth and riches will follow.

As you enter your work place, look at how to make it better- not just how to earn your pay packet, find ways to improve your job and sharpen systems. Create new management processes. Innovate with new production procedures. Develop fresh marketing and sales approaches. Rather than blaming your employer for not making the company profitable enough, provide solutions. It’s your issue if you want to get ahead.

The more we activate creativity in a way that benefits our society and solves problems, the more we manifest God’s image. And the more we know Him, and allow Him to work through us, the more creative we will be and that includes being creative and innovative with our money.

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