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States ’ll remain dependent without restructuring

Admin 02 Aug, 2017 News, Politics

By Bukola Olamona

An Akure-based Lawyer, Barrister Leye Akintububo, has said that the failure of the National Assembly to support the devolution of powers would make states to remain dependent on the central government.

In an interview with The Hope yesterday, he stated that states would not be able to stand on their own because they would have to rely on what is being given at the central.

He added that this would continue to make the central stronger to the detriment of the constituent states.

According to him, if there is restructuring which many politicians have been clamouring for all along, especially these so called progressive politicians, then the burden of the central will lessen.

“Right from independence, there has been more power in the regional government than the central government and you discover that there was tremendous progress then.”

Akintububo noted that in the time when regional government was in place, the North, East and the Southwest were all doing well on their own and were progressing at their own pace.

“Every individual has vision and potential and the potential can only be realised by the way you can put it into action, not necessarily waiting for others”he stated.

He disclosed that the  members of the National Assembly knew that if they devolute powers, it would reduce their powers.

“Basically, common sense will tell you that if states are having more powers than the central, you will discover that the states’ House of Assembly will have more influence than the National Assembly.

“To the best of my knowledge, I think restructuring is the best answer to the problem of this country. Many politicians when they want power, they will  fly the kite of restructuring or devolution of power, after they get there, they jettison it,” he stated.

On the implication or the right of the National Assembly to raise bill and conclude on it without consulting their constituents who sent them to represent them, he posited that whatever  members are doing in  the National Assembly should be what their constituents have sent them to do.

He added that they must have consulted their constituents before passing it.

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