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Make a living from wedding engagement

Admin 28 Aug, 2017 Business

By Tope Babatope
Start up cost:

N20,000 to N30,000


Classified adverts, circulars, word of mouth, complimentary cards, hand bills.

Why it’s a good business.

If you have the talent to amuse or entertain people, you can effectively perform the role of the person standing in gap for the bride or the bridegroom asking in marriage of the groom or bride from either families during the traditional engagement. This aspect is always very interesting in view of its importance in any marriage. The person performing such roles is called engager. They also have association of engagers. The business has been so modernized that engagers always dictate the pace at which the occasion will flow.

Are you talented in composing good wedding songs coupled with fluency in different local dialects? This is a good job that’s already waiting for you. What you need is self confidence. You can be almost anything you want: a singer, fire-eater, puppeteer, comic, impersonator, story teller or even dancer. Even if someone else does the same thing you can distinguish yourself by your style and approach. It is a business that can make you to smile to the bank at the beginning of every new week.

Skills Necessary / Staff Requirements:

Must be talented, an entertainer, mastery of some dialects, a story teller, comic, jester, singer, somebody who can pray very well in which ever religion that is applicable. The business can start with two or three people including a talking drummer. Must have gone for training under another engager, be a registered member of the association.

Equipment / Materials Needed:

Good ward robe of clothes and shoes, trays, horse whip.

Start up:

The engagers in marriage, perform the major roles in any engagement ceremony of the bride and the groom. They always come in two sets, one go for the bride called in Yoruba parlance as “Alaga iduro” while the one that will be welcoming those who brought letter to the parents and family of the bride is called “Alaga ljoko” Virtually the two engagers will be left to questioning and answering sessions. In whatever one does you can only make distinction or excel when you practice regularly.

As an engager you need to perfect your craft so that people will want to watch you do it. Once you become good at it, you are ready to hang out shingle. Of course as you book more experience, you become good at it.

Speaking with the Director of Bamidee Engager outfit, Mr Kolawole on the business, he said before one can be permitted to anchor the business the person must have gone for a training of about one year and must join the engager association with a registration fee of N10,000 and has the associations identity card before you can be regarded as a bonafide member. He described the business as a good one in terms of providing immediate source of living even when things are dry.

On the charges, Bamidele stated that the charges vary from one place to another. “It starts from N30000 up wards. There are some engagers who collect as much as N500,000 based on the person’s connection. He said from this the engager will be responsible for the transportation of his or her team and other sundry expenses. “For example, the talking drummer charges between N3000 andN10,000 or even more, depending on the distance of the event to their base. Also depending on the occasion and the type of family and the expected guests, engagers dress too in similar outfits to match the occasion. This of course means that anyone going into the business must have flair for fashion, our source declared.

Bamidele added that the business makes one popular and makes one to know more people, if you are a good performer, your performance in a place can win you more clients. Our investigation revealed that the business is no longer for women, men are seriously into it and they are performing well in the business.

Bottom Line Advice:

For your promotion, be sure you hand out your card whenever you perform in any event. If you are good, word of mouth advertising will take care of the rest of your marketing. You may even end up being featured on television or newspapers. The good thing about this business is that you can charge anything the market will take. You have no direct competition. Even if someone does the same thing, you can make a decent living while at the same time have fun doing what you are good at.

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