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ICT Programme For Ondo State Girl-Child

Admin 02 Aug, 2017 Editorial

WIFE of Ondo State Governor, Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu recently launched the Ondo State ICT Programme for the Girl-Child at the State Public Service Training Institute (PSTI), Ilara Mokin.

DURING the occasion, Arabinrin Akeredolu said the best  way to empower the nation is by giving girls an access to technology.

SUCH a measure, Arabinrin Akeredolu said, would lead to the development of the state, especially  if the girl-child is given the right tools to express herself.

THIS is only natural, the first  lady averred, as the knowledge gained  about Information Communication Technology (ICT) will enable the girl-child stay informed about the  world around her.

THE HOPE agrees with the first lady, as developments in other parts of the world show that  ICT knowledge enables the girl-child to overcome cultural  and social  barriers she faces in the pursuit of  Science Technology Engineering and Maths  (STEM) education.

IT also broadens the horizon of the girl-child, as well as places her in a strategic position, not only in the present ever-changing world, but also in the struggle to establish her voice in this digital age.

THE  girls, after ICT training, will be impacted upon by life-changing skills, and empowered with the ability to earn a living, able to participate in national and global dialogue.

FURTHERMORE,  ICT initiatives for the girl-child improve the current statistics of the female  gender in the ICT sector, as well as alter the stereotype  held by many young girls that the ICT sector is largely a male affair.

SEEN within this context,  The Hope  commends the wife of the governor for a programme that covers 100 female students picked from 23 public secondary schools in the 18 local government areas.

SINCE it will ultimately run from 31st July to August 25, the programme will provide the girl-child with a greater interest in ICT development, enabling her to gain skills in computer  appreciation, Microsoft software, Corel Draw and other  aspects of ICT experience.

WE learn that the female students are randomly selected from families that ordinarily would be unable to afford the cost of an ICT training.

This is a good initiative, because anyone who is knowledgeable in the digital world can achieve astonishing progress  in the long run,  particularly children from humble backgrounds.

ALSO, the Ondo State girl-child will in the near future be able to cope with the challenge in the ICT world, having the capacity to compete with her peers anywhere in the world.

THE fact that the programme takes place during the summer holiday period is a good  thing for participants,  since they would be occupied with strengthening their skills rather than wasting the period doing unproductive activities.

Having said this,  The Hope advises that the initiative becomes a permanent feature in the state, as ICT knowledge is the bedrock  for the survival and development of this part of the world.

ARABINRIN Akeredolu ‘s programme is not just a significant gesture for the girl-child, it is also a wake-up call for other stakeholders in the education sector to  assist the less-privileged in the society to acquire ICT knowledge.

FINALLY, we congratulate the students who are part of this programme  and advise them to be serious so as to be at home with  the world-changing ideas and solutions swirling around them.

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