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Flower farming

Admin 07 Aug, 2017 Business

By Tope Babatope

Start up cost:

N50,000 and above for large scale.


Words of mouth, sign posts, personal contact, handbills, well displayed plants.

Why it’s a good business?

Flowers beautify offices and houses. Everybody is desirous of a good environment decorated with beautiful flowers. Some plants are used as barriers and hedges, these of course made growing of plants and flowers good source of living because everybody is a potential customer. If the business is skillfully managed it would bring one a convenient source of living. Other opportunities that may come the way of the person practicing horticulture is beautification project and orchard establishment and management or raising of a garden of fruit trees, citrus, mangoes, plantains, oil palm or large scale production of vegetables like Telferia Occidentals ‘Ugwu’ that is very popular and useful for the body. The business can turn a good profit, if one is hard working.

Skills Necessary/Staff Requirement

One or two people may be required to work with the person starting up the business. However, it depends on whether the person is starting on a small,medium or large scale. The person must be energetic, skillful, ability to motivate others to work. Academic qualifications range from school certificate to other higher qualifications.

Equipment/Raw Materials:

Decatur (small scissors), watering cans, cutlass, spade, garden folk, polytene bags insecticides, karate, cypermethrin , cymbush etc, rooting hormone, land, water, seedlings, top soil.

Start up:

Going into any business is not just a day’s job. Your entering into a particular business must be after a strong determination to succeed in the business. Ones success starts with good plan and feasibility study. A good understanding of the business is important through training.

Having determined to go into flower farming, you need a little training and a small amount of about N30,000 will set the job rolling. This is when a free land is acquired or lease at a token fee.

What you need from this sum are small scissors costing about N5000, watering can ,N5000; garden folk, cutlass, polythene bags, insecticides, water, seedlings, a tipper load of top soil all aboutN30000.

One needs a plot of land or hectare of land that has perennial source of water. One can start by seedlings, stem cutting or air layering sand, start up with any of the following plants: roses specie that consist of different types of flowers that could be useful for wedding banquet or table decorations. Thuja accidentagtun, Bonganvalica specie(flowers that have thorns)! Durante specie the flowers are useful ( the flowers are useful as hedges ) and moraya .

A Land horticulturist ,who is close to The Hope said that one can get this plant by pruning or cutting from home owners. The source said propagated plant can be sold by seeds, stem cutting and layering, that is, rooting the plant while standing. Some plants take three weeks or six months before they root.

According to our source a school certificate holder will take two years to learn the business, while a graduate with back ground in other fields will take about six months but a graduate of agriculture will spend between one or two months to acquire the knowledge.  It was gathered that shade erection is very important for the growing of seedlings, which our source called rooting. The rooting spans between 21days, three months and six months.  Our source explained after rooting you take them through a process of conditioning by exposing them gradually to sunlight and it normally takes two weeks for conditioning.

Bottom Line Advice:

The horticulturist disclosed that one could specialize in any area of plants growing. He explained that “one man in Abuja grows only Thuja and he’s making a lot of money, so specialization is good, “For any one to be successful in horticulture he must have the drive and interest. Accessibility to where one plans to do the business is equally very important.


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