Success tips: Your goals and your dreams (2)

Admin 17 Jul, 2017 Business

By Tope Babatope

Selecting your goals

Goals essentially come in two categories. There are goals that we set to focus behaviour we want to change, and the goals that are established by working backward from where we want to end up in our dreams. It was revealed that most people, when presented with the fact that it’s going to take hard work to be successful, will begin working harder. That’s not the problem. The most difficult part is getting them to understand their weaknesses so that they can frame their goals around fixing them.

Many people are unable to admit they have weaknesses. They try to cover them up and deceive both themselves and others. They will do almost anything to avoid confronting  the fact that they have a chink in their armour. After you take an honest look at your weaknesses,you face the second: doing something about them.

You can quickly spot people who don’t want to really confront their weaknesses. They are the excuse makers. The procrastinators. They are always putting off things until tomorrow . We all do this to one degree or another, but these are serious problems we have to confront. If we don’t conquer these weaknesses one by one, they will consume our time and energy and make us miss opportunities . We cannot let these traits fester. Postponing action is only postponing achievement .

Therefore, we need goals that are going to help us overcome our weaknesses. If it’s something straightforward. If the problem is more intangible – procrastination, poor organization, avoiding personal responsibilities, and so on- you need to define goals that are clearly designed to change that specific behavior.

For instance, if you have a tendency to procrastinate, create a goal for yourself to write down three things you are going to accomplish today, three things that you normally would put off. These will be three things that you will definitely do before you go to sleep that night. What these things are is irrelevant . Your list might include calling to check up a client who constantly complains or taking a walk around the block instead of drinking another cup of coffee in the morning. You are simply trying to change behaviour.

By challenging yourself to complete things you would rather not, you are telling yourself not only that you recognize weakness but also that you have a plan to do something about it. That plan is simply a checklist of goals you establish for yourself.

Goals lead to purpose in life. It is the starting point for success. Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you will become one of the stars.

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