‘Resolve Nigeria’s problems before restructuring’

Admin 12 Jul, 2017 News, Politics

By Bimbo Akindunbi & Ayodeji Musa

Nigerians have been called upon to support and cooperate with the Federal Government to fasttrack the battle against major problems befalling the country, before restructuring can work.

If the problems of corruption, power supply, bad roads, poor transportation system, insecurity, kidnapping, ritual killings, extra-judicial killings, insurgency, pipeline vandalisation and stealing of mineral resources are solved, then restructing can come up.

Chief Sanya Oyinsan, an elderstateman and a veteran broadcaster, made the call during an interview with The Hope in Akure.

He said though restructuring is a political issue that must be addressed urgently, the government should first deal with the various challenges threatening the corporate existence of Nigerian.

“The Federal Government has plans to consider restructuring, but it is  not their priority now. Rather, the FG is resolute to combat major problems like corruption, insecurity, posed by insurgency via Boko Haram, Niger Delta militants, pipeline vandalism and very weak economy.

“It also says that their priority is to improve and reverse the total decay in the infrastructure platform meant to sustain the strong economy, which included bad roads everywhere, insufficiency and badly organised transportation in our road, rail and air transportation system.

“So, I identify with the Federal Government which says ’let us take away the bigger problems before restructuring.’

“Let me ask you? will restructuring solve epileptic power supply and other problems contending with our economy? We should allow the government to take care of all these first, then we can talk of restructuring.

Oyinsan, who  disclosed that he endorsed the popular cry of some Nigerians for restructuring, said there is beauty and strength in diversity.

“I also believe that the restructuring should start from the top.

“For example, the Federal Government making sacrifices to strengthen the states and local governments to make them better and be able to stand on their feet financially and economically.

In other words, we need decentralisation and devolution of powers and not a unitary government,” he stated.

According to him, the diversity should not become a source of division, but a weapon of unity.

He, however frowned at any move from  any quarter to break up the country or what they call secession.

He said the word secession like military regime is completely and totally outdated.

His words: “the reason is  this, we must be seen to be going forward and never returning to the bad story of Nigerian civil war between 1967 and 1970.

“Please, we can’t afford to lose the over 1 million people that died needlessly during the war again, because of the empty power struggle and selfishness of those who called themselves leaders, but were actually maximum rulers.

Finally, I want to implore all Nigerians to be determined that this country must not break up but interest of everybody and unborn generations.

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