Ondo APDA drums support for restructuring

Admin 12 Jul, 2017 News, Politics

By Bukola Olamona

For Nigeria not to head into a terrible crisis, those at the helm of affairs have been advised to ensure that they go back to the regional system of government or  do everything possible in ensuring that   restructuring  is done deliberately in Nigeria.

A former member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and now a member of Advance Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA),Mr  Bamiduro Dada, who made this known in an interview with The Hope said  for Nigeria to witness the real change it craves for,  those in governance should desist from doing things the same way and manner they were being done before which did not yield result.

Bamiduro Dada, who is also the State Deputy Chairman of APDA, was of the opinion that the unitary system of government being practiced for years has not brought meaningful changes to the country, adding that Nigeria needs to re-strategized  towards regional governments so that everyone will go back and work hard on how to develop his own region.

His words:” Let us make the central less attractive. If it is less attractive, there will be no rush to the central. Let it be like that so at the end of each month,  each state  would remit some percentage to the central.

“That is the way it was and is being done elsewhere, especially in the United States of America (USA) so that  state will no longer bother on what is happening at the central.

“What each state will do is to ensure they generate what they will need for each month. I mean their IGR, how to take care of its people, independent police and you will know what you will remit to the capital and the people of the state will manage what they have generated.

“We have to imbibe such in this country. Let us try another system of government. Let us restructure and see what will happen. I want to tell you that if we do that, everybody will go back and make sure they contribute meaningfully to the development of this country,” he posited.

Bamiduro emphasised that the result of the 2014 National Conference should be put in place and be embedded in the constitution and then worked upon.

Speaking on the newly formed party, he said the party believes  in hardwork and  recognizes every individual, stating that the women were given 30 percent both elective and appointive position, while youth were given 25 percent, and 5 percent was given to special people.

He also stated that in the new party, everything about the party is embedded in the party’s constitution, saying how leaders and candidates will emerge   in any election is embedded in the constitution.

“ We have come to stay. Already if election  comes  up today, we are qualified to contest .

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