‘Legislators recall clause, beauty of democracy’

Admin 12 Jul, 2017 News, Politics

By Femi Atolagbe

A legal practitioner in Ondo State, Mr Ola Orimoloye has described the recalling process of politicians back to their constituencies as a beautiful provision in our democracy.

Orimoloye who made the statement during an interview with The Hope in Akure, the state capital, noted that every human activity that has beginning must have an end, adding that every game must have a rule .

He added that the process of removing a non performed Governor is referred to as impeachment, saying recalling is the process of putting an end to  non performed legislators, be it state or at the National level.

“Why constituencies are recalling their representatives is basically because of non performance and when they feel they have  deviated from the reason they sent the legislators to represent them.”

According to him, the provision for recalling is stringent, because 50% of the people that voted him will have to sign a petition that they want their representative to be removed.

“After the petition has been signed, they will send it back to the Independent National Electoral Commission that conducted the election abinitio, and a date for publishing and verification of the signatures at every polling unit in the constituency will be fixed.

“The voters will come and confirm their names and signatures to certify that nobody is influenced to vote against his wish if after the verification, the 50% is still standing, it means that half of the constituency want the representative to vacate the seat.

” I don’t subscribe to verification of signatures. They should just go and vote,” he stated.

He said the position of the National Assembly on the matter , that INEC will have to submit all the processes to them for deliberation may stand or not.

“The action of the senators is like taking the freedom to elect and to recall from the people” .

“Nigerians should wait and see if after the process has been completed and certificate is transferred from the INEC to the Senate President, may be they will now call a meeting to debate it”.

“Whether it is a political victimisation or otherwise ,the important thing here is the popularity. So whoever is being recalled should go and talk to his people and tell them to vote him to retain his seat, if he is popular among his people, they will stand by him,” he explained.

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