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Editorial: On MTN Foundation’s Donation To Aquinas College

Admin 17 Jul, 2017 Editorial

RECENTLY, MTN Foundation donated 165 furniture items consisting of chairs, desks and tables to teachers and students of Saint Thomas Aquinas College, Akure.

SPEAKING during the ceremony, Prince Julius Adelusi-Adeluyi, Chairman of MTN Foundation, said the furniture items will enhance the learning experience for the current set of students.

He said students are the future of the state, hence equipping them with the tools needed to grow and succeed is critical to their development, which would in turn act as a catalyst for the nation’s growth.

REPORTEDLY, the people of Ondo State have benefitted from  various MTN Foundation projects valued at over N236 million  in the last 12 years.

IN fact, the foundation has also invested over N96 million in providing scholarships and school furniture to students in the  state’s educational institutions.

WE commend the Foundation for these laudable gestures, as they will continue to improve the quality of life of the people of the state, bringing hope to our young ones, assisting them to scale hurdles on their path to learning and development.

NEEDLESS to say, it will be an unpardonable omission for the present generation to neglect primary and secondary levels of education, especially with the latest developments achieved in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry.

BESIDES, the primary and secondary education sectors mark the formation stages of human development, and students should not learn in an environment of acute infrastructural deficit.

IT is  only when students learn in an environment conducive for learning that meaningful education can take place, enabling them to meet set education objectives of the present administration.

SEEN within this context, the donations will prove very crucial to learning in the next few years.

EQUALLY as significant, the gestures show the critical importance of private/public partnership in the development of key sectors in the state, such as Education, Health, Security and the Economy.

THESE partnerships are viable seeds sown into a fertile ground of life to give birth to gigantic trees with fruits for future generations to harvest.

WE are also pleased that the state governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, intends to strengthen the initiatives of the Foundation, by renovating public primary and secondary schools in the state, as well as reviewing the curriculum in the sector.

WE agree that such initiatives will enable his administration achieve set objectives for  the primary and secondary education sectors, as no level of education is more central to the ultimate development of the state.

THE HOPE calls on political stakeholders to continue recognising the importance of public/ private partnerships, by taking advantage of the opportunity for the overall development of this part of the country.

WE also wish to thank the government for its receptive attitude to this form of partnership, as it cannot do everything alone, particularly in this era of dwindling revenues from the Federation Account.

WE advise beneficiaries of the latest gesture to use the new facilities properly, and take advantage of the enhanced learning environment to further their education.

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