Business startup: Setting up barbing saloon

Admin 10 Jul, 2017 Business

By Tope Babatope

Start Up cost:

N100,000 – N200,000; N300,000


Word of mouth, personal contact, signpost, banner ,etc.

Why it is a good business to start:

Barbing has come to stay as a lucrative business, especially when every man now wears clean hair cut. Some men wear clean shave every time, meaning that they visit arming saloon every time , some every other day, some every other week, some once in a month. Youths are not excluded. lf you have been thinking of setting up a Barbing saloon, this is an opportunity for whoever wants to dabble into the business.

Skills Necessary/Staff Requirement

The person opening the business must have a good knowledge of Barbing if he wants to oversee the business personally. One person is enough to do a good job, he must be able to motivate others under him and have good human relations. One or two people may be required to work with the person.

Equipment / Materials needed:

Barbing chair, wall mirrors, clippers, comb, brush, Barbing aprons, wall wooden cabinet, plastic chairs, upholstery chairs, carpet, fans, generator, powder, cream ,accommodation, air conditioner .

Start Up

You can start the business in a small size shop that would accommodate two rolling barking chairs, plastic chairs, or settee for customers waiting and two big wall mirrors. You must keep it in mind that the environment where you have the saloon must be neat, devoid of floods, refuse heap etc. Get a good shop, probably from the shopping complexes around you. This will be a good advantage or point of attraction.

Our investigation as at last week revealed that in starting a modest barbing saloon you do not need millions, about N100,000 to N200,000 will establish a standard barbing saloon. You can earmark the sum of N50,000 to N75,000 for a standard barbing rolling chair, when l was in the business some years back (the writer of this piece) it used to be less than N20,000.

However, this should not discourage whoever that wants to go into the business. It is a lucrative business. ln starting small you can even break even with just two small barbing chairs costing about N7000 each, a settee or plastic chairs, get two or three clippers which now ranges from N15,000, to N25000 , even there some of N40,000 each.

There is guaranteed of durability if one gets a genuine one for the business. Other things you will need include: wall glass N4000 each of standard size, construction of wooden cabinet N50,000, small generator, television set(small), comb, powder, radio tape, bowl, waiting plastic chairs, settee chair, let’s put all @ N60,000, it can be lesser if you have extra at home that would serve that purpose in the shop.

A barbing apron now costs N1500. If you want your saloon to more exquisite you will invest more like fixing air conditioner, tiles, painting the shop and of course the glass door is compulsory.

The person starting the job must have a good knowledge of barbing or can employ a hair stylist who be paid by the owner of the shop. The monthly payment would be in form of commission or agreeing on a particular term like giving you a certain amount of money every month, for example you may agree that the stylist should be paying into your account N30, 000 or more every month depending on the location of your shop, while he takes the rest. He will also take care of all other things except buying of clippers etc. As all things are increasing, the cost of barbing a head is now N500 .If an average of 10 people visit a saloon a day it means N5000 ,and all things being equal the operator can make up to N50,000 or more a month, if the barber in charge is gifted.

Business start up gathered that to operate barbing saloon it is compulsory you join the association of barbers that their registration fees differ from one town to another.

Bottom Line Advice

The profits attached to the proposal could also be determined by the output of the person in charge, a good barbing would attract good patronage the same thing is good human relations. A good and clean environment must be your priority. Our source therefore advised a potential investor to have it in mind of keeping a clean outfit. Always clean up your shop after barbing; also ensure a wall carpet of the shop and not rug to maintain a good human.

Our source advised that if you are into a barbing business you must always ensure you are around to curb cheating or being defrauded by some unfaithful employees under you by making chap practices. Barbers should always clean their clippers at the end of every barbing, explaining the need for this, our source pointed out,” it is mandatory that barbers clean the teeth of their clippers to avoid transmission of diseases.”

On the issue of personal clippers by customers, the barber said “despite the fact that most customers now come with their clippers to their shop it has not reduced our charges, we still collect the normal charge rate”.

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