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All false unions shall collapse

Admin 11 Jun, 2017 News, Religion

By Oluwasina John
All wrong alliances, pacts, unions and false organisations everywhere on earth today shall collapse.

Be they political, economic, military, religious, social or whatever, within, among or between continents, nation states, societies, groups, bodies or individuals, any assemblage which separates human beings everywhere and anywhere on earth today into antagonistic hostile camps will collapse.

For they are aberrations hindering and destroying peaceful, selfless, harmonious and beneficial relationships among all humanity on earth. They are mere intellectual contraptions formed out of the wrong desires to dominate, control, exploit and alienate others outside these false unions.

To dictate wrong and unjust terms, to force narrow, selfish wishes on others, dictates which are hostile to the wise Natural or Divine Laws, Which will only what is good and of benefit to all creatures alike. Indiscriminately and in ever watchful love.

Indeed, all the semblances of unity within each of all the existing false unions or alliances on earth will crash. Successively. Because already, they contain irreconcilable differences and contradictions as germs of their own collapse within. Unions forged mainly to protect the interests, usually selfish, dictatorial, oppressive, exploitative and imperialistic, of members.

They will all disintegrate from within and die naturally.

In fact, the death knell of these wrong divisive, hostile and unlawful alliances forced on humanity has been sounded long ago with the collapse of the accursed Iron Curtain which separated mankind into two broad hostile political-economic-military camps.

Now the ringing bell of this naturally developing collapse of the little iron curtains, all the other false alliances and all wrongs still in existence everywhere on earth as undesirable remnants of the old era, is sounding loud and clear across all frontiers, including even the hitherto seemingly impregnable ones.

And these numerous little iron curtains are crumbling, falling like packs of cards before the just blows of a mightier Power, Whose cleansing rays are gradually encompassing the whole earth.

One after the other, all these wrong alliances, pacts, unions and organisations will collapse.

So also all other similar alliances or unions be they economic, military, political, social or whatever, formed by whoever. They will all collapse because they are unnatural and aberrant. For they disturb the peace of the earth.

Rather than indiscriminately foster the general peace, harmony and development of the entire human race in accordance with the well laid out Natural Laws. In accordance with the Holy Will.

Also to be swept off the surface of the earth in this ongoing glorious purification are all other alliances or unions formed by the so called weaker, less powerful or underdeveloped countries of the earth, in response to protect themselves against the pervasive injustice and plunder enforced on them, and the entire mankind by the prevailing imbalance and unfairness characterising the running of affairs concerning all mankind on earth.

Thus all wrong treaties, restrictions, boundaries, constitutions, human laws, opinions or ideas, all human theories and postulations, which today separate human beings, which tear us apart, and thus push humanity and the entire earth to further chaos and distress, to deeper darkness, will be smashed.

So also whatever other aberrations separating human beings into self-serving hostile camps on earth today.

All artificial barriers, boundaries and divisions which today separate mankind everywhere on earth into hostile camps shall be smashed and leveled up by the on-rolling unstoppable streams of Light Power now flooding the earth.

Gone and swept off the surface of the earth shall also be all forms of hatred, envy, murder and all other sundry evils, borne out of our selfish desires and vanity, which have hitherto dominated everywhere on earth. For several thousands of years already.

For in the New Kingdom of God on earth, only that man, only that woman who lives and works in the volition to truly serve humanity strictly in accordance with the Holy and Supreme Will of the Almighty Father, will be allowed to exist.

Soon the yawning terrifying gulf, which exist today between the volition, the deeds of mankind and the Natural Laws expressing the Divine Holy Will, shall be bridged.

Soon and very soon, all mankind, the entire human race, fired strongly deep from within by the same uniform volition of seeking and serving only the Supreme Holy Will of The Most High, will swing in the same uniform laws, the Natural Laws.

Though tribes, tongues, skin colours, nation states and continents may differ, humanity on earth will soon speak the same language – the language of striving most diligently and energetically to serve only the Holy Will.

We will all soon, very soon, follow and tread a common Path leading out of the prevailing chaos and confusion straight to the luminous heights, and through which the masterpieces of blessings, in rapturous joy, which today remain hung up, will flood uniformly everywhere on earth.

Then, mankind, humbled by our collective and individual distressful experiences of the justified Holy Wrath contained in the ongoing raging purifying flames of the Last Judgement, but imbued with fresh recognitions and volition, will then voluntarily joyfully cooperate in the up-building and furthering of the earth into the much awaited Kingdom of Peace, the Kingdom of God on earth.

Paradise shall come on earth.

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