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Expert cautions against excessive alcohol intake

Admin 03 May, 2017 Health, News


By Sade Adewale
An expert, Mrs Olamide Adedayo, has cautioned Nigerians against excessive intake of alcohol in order to prevent chronic liver problems.

Adedayo gave the advise in a chat with The Hope adding that alcohol addicts are at risk of contracting Alzheimer’s or Parkinson disease.

She described Alzheimer’s disease as the most common form of dementia a disorder that affects the brain and that has no cure, which worsens as it progresses and eventually leads to death.

She also described Parkinson disease as a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system.

Adedayo noted that as often as the body craves for alcohol response to such demand but affect other functions of the body.

She advised individuals who are depressed, or have family history of mental disorder or epilepsy to desist from alcohol as such habit could worsen the disease.

She explained that the effect of alcohol is determined by the quantity taken,  the duration of exposure to it as well as the way the body adaptes to it.

She noted that excessive alcohol intake can cause chronic liver diseases as well as other disorder.

According to her, alcoholism is a habit rather than a disease, adding but it can get to a point whereby it becomes a disease because of the effect it exerts on an individual.

She defined alcohol as a chemical substance which when taken excessively can cause obsessive or compulsive disorder and a situation in which a person becomes addictive.

She said that many things can lead somebody into alcohol like environment in which one grew up could predispose one to the bad effect alcohol.

She however, advised that people should drink moderately, saying because when it is taken otherwise, it will affect the body functions.

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