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Importance of Islamic education  in modern dispensation

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By Fatima Muraina
Civilization has indeed taken over the system of the world as the world continues to develop such that many people take little or no cognisance of to Islamic education, thus the world is said to be  in computer age now such that religion is taking aback unlike the days of our grand fathers. This is however affecting the importance which should be attracted to Islamic education than the western education being clamoured for.

Allah said we should seek for education to wherever we can get it  to know our wrongs from the right with deep explanation of knowing Him before we worship Him.

This is one of the major reasons that is attached to importance of Islamic education to western education.

It is baseless acquiring western education without the knowledge of Islam which is one of the weapons that can lead one to righteousness and making peace with God to make heaven, the abode of those who may have the grace as their eternity home.

Educating the children islamically is a way of  equipping them to be upright and firmed in their religion both spiritually and otherwise and thereby have the ability to meet the unforseen worldly challenges.

It makes children be closer to God and behave in godly manners giving the parents more relieves and sense of confidence.

This shows why Muslims attached more importance to Islam education than the western education particularly in the villages where the religion of Islam is most practiced. They however prefer to send the children to Quranic schools than the Western schools.

For those living in the cities, no matter how tight the situation is, that still struggle and make effort to ensure that their children acquire the Qur’anic education as they make them attend the Islamic schools in the evening after the school time and at the weekends and during the holidays.

Shabab-Deen-Al-Islam school situated in Kajola, off Oda road Akure is one of the Islamic schools that educates the Muslim students as it recently had its seventh graduation ceremony where 10 students, six boys and four girls graduated honourably .

The occasion witnessed many friends, relations and parents of the graduants as well as scholars, Imams and Alfas from different locations not only across the state, but the country at large.

Among many other  things, the recitation of the Quran was  done  by each of the graduates while reciters stood to interpreted the meaning in English, Yoruba, pidgin and Arabic translations.

A parent, Alhaji Kamorudeen Ishola, who has two of his children among those who were graduating spoke with The Hope on his joy seeing his children graduating which he described as the best thing that has happened in his life and his family generally.

Ishola said it  was  a joyful moment for him and urged parents to encourage their children to study the Quran which will direct on  the path  of God.

The western education he opined is the profit of the world but that of the hereafter is the Qur’anic education. He said ” We have to make our children be  part of God and the only way is by sending them for  religious study”

He however observed the challenges in the Islamic world, payment of Islamic teachers because denying them of their  remuneration is exposing them to dangers and evils. This may lead them to take to other means of livelihood or  to be  fetished or  do whatever that  is against the will of Allah.

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