Washing your hair the right way

Admin 13 Jul, 2016 Etiquette

By Lola Omawaye
The hair of a woman is said to be her glory and it goes a long way in influencing the way she looks. The way your hair looks tells a lot about your personality.

This is the reason many women spend huge amount of money buying many different products that they find on the market to improve and make their hair look perfect.

In order to get your desired beautiful hair you need to start doing things in the right way and that starts with how you wash your hair. Do you know that you may not really know how to wash your hair the right way? And this may be distroying your hair cuticles, and make it not to grow properly.

In order to improve your hair, one of the things you need to do is to use the right method that can bring a difference in your hair’s health.

If you are making some common mistakes, you could be damaging your hair without even realizing it. Take note for little details like how you or your stylist wears your hair.

When you want to wash your hair, first and formost wet your hair completely with warm water before you add shampoo. Use warm water to wash your hair. Wetting your hair will enable the water to open the cuticle, which is good for removing any dirt from the hair.

Do not use hot water, just make it warm, your hair do not need too much heat. Run small amount of conditional through your hair and rinse lightly, to protect fragile ends from drying out before any shampooing, particularly if your hair is long.

This will keep the ends of your hair healthy and fill the holes in the cuticle with moisture, making it smoother and boost shining.

The best way to wash your hair with shampoo is from root to ends. The hair closest to the scalp is the youngest and will inevitably be the oiliest, while the end of the hair is the oldest and usually driest, most fragile part of the hair. Do not use more shampoo than necessary.

Two hands full of shampoo is enough per time. If your hair is extra long or thick, then you can double the amount of shampoo you need to use because of its volume.

Rubbing can permanently damage your hair’s cuticle, leading to breakage. Try to wash your hair like you wash your hands, that is, very carefully. Please avoid using your nails to massage your hair, be gentle as possible.

You are not washing your jean clothings. Unless the hair is extremely dirty and the first shampoo did not produce lather, then you can add more shampoo but avoid washing it again.

The next important thing to note after you have rinsed out your shampoo is to squeeze out some of the water out of the hair before you put in the conditioner.

Then clip your hair up and finish with your bathing, leaving the conditioner to rinse out for the final thing to do after bathing. This way your hair would have absorbed the conditioner well.

The longer the conditioner stays on your hair, the better it absorbs. Do not put conditioner at the roots of your hair; the natural oil from your scalp is more concentrated there. The fragile part of your hair needs it more than the roots, so put it mid length to the tips.

Use cold water for your final rinsing. Cold water will shut the cuticle tight, sealing the shingle-like outer layer, which will cause it to reflect the most light and give off the most shine.

How often you wash your hair depends on your hair type, too. If you have oily or fine hair, you may need to shampoo daily. Normal or dry hair can lather up closer to three times a week.

Use a shampoo and conditioner that’s made for your hair type. If your hair is dry, choose moisturizing products. If your colour your hair, opt for colour-safe formulas.

Taking good care of your hair is important and it goes beyond just making fine hair dos. Consider the effect of any style, hair creams, shampoos and other products on your hair.

If your stylist is not doing it right patiently correct him/her, do not be shy.

Its your hair and you have the right to ensure that its properly taken care of.

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