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Life Tips: Painting for a living

Admin 16 Feb, 2016 Life

By Fisayo Akinduro
Handiwork is the best, it gives confidence anytime and you won’t rely on white collar jobs for survival.

One thing people fail to understand is, no matter the height you attain in education, you will definitely need the services of craftsmen and entrepreneurs in the society.

Governments at all levels have advised youths to engage themselves with entrepreneurial skills and not to rely on white collar jobs.

A painter in the metropolis of Akure, Bode Akingbade shared his experience on how he survives with his painting business and why he can never rely on white collar job for survival.

Akingbade, who is a graduate of Psychology said after searching for job for two years after graduating five years ago, have to settle for painting business.

He said: “I am pleased with the business I’m doing and it has been my only means of survival for years now.

“Painting is fun and just like any other business, it requires dedication, commitment and passion for the business.

“If the zeal and passion of doing something is not there, you can never attain success in such business. Painting requires creativity and experience, which is why you cannot just take a brush and start painting.

“Although it does not require special education to start the business, but if you are educated, it will be an added advantage for such entrepreneur. In starting this business, you need to learn the trade from a qualified and experienced painter.

“Where you learn the trade will determine your own output, which is why you have to lean the trade from an experienced painter so as not to be a quack painter when you stand on your own.

“The trade is not gender sensitive, neither is it age discriminatory because we have lots of teenagers that shows interest in the job.

“We have female painters but they are not that common like their male counterparts. Nevertheless, there are several female painters in the society.

“You don’t need much capital to start this trade and it does not necessarily require a workshop. With less than N5, 000, you can start a painting business in Nigeria. The necessary materials needed for this business is a brush, hand roller and a ladder.

“A painter must be creative and as well be bold in communicating ideas to their customers. Some customers may be discreet about how they want their job done, but as an experienced painter, you can change their minds to see the beauty of the painting to be done.

“Also, a painter must never be afraid of heights because there are some jobs that require us to be at the top of a 10 storey building. A painter who is afraid of heights can never do such job.”

Speaking on the challenges encountered in this business, Akingbade said: “We have lots of quack painters who have tarnished the image of qualified and experienced painters. Sometimes you look at some painting and have no option than to rebuke the painter due to the shabby work done.

“The economic situation of the country is also affecting us because we hardly see customers these days and the few that come are not willing to pay the normal fee we charge them,” he lameted

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