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Life Tips: Setting up a computer repair business

Admin 26 Jan, 2016 Life

By Fisayo Akinduro

1397861433n4Determination and creativity is the key to success. If you are determined and focused, you are on the track of success.

We are in a global village where everything have been computerized. You can be in the comfort of your house and interact with anybody across the globe without stress. With phones and computers, life has been made easy.

No matter how careful you handle your gadgets; phones, computer, tablets and the likes, they will definitely develop some faults someday; be it major or minor. Computer engineering or repair is a lucrative business which requires determination and commitment to work and have been a source of living for people.

Computer repairing is not just any kind of business you can decide to start in a day. Before you can venture into computer engineering/repair business, you must undergo some training from a qualified engineer.

A computer Engineer, Mr Babatunde Daniel explained the process and the possible requirements for starting a computer engineering business. He said: “You must be able to read, write and interpret words before starting this business because it requires thinking and being able to actualize your thoughts. The business is not gender discriminatory because both genders are doing the business.

Babatunde said: “Training for a computer repair business depends on the trainee’s ability to learn fast. We learn about new things every day, so I cannot say there is a specific time for the training, but the minimum training for this business is 6 months but it takes some trainees more than a year to know the nitty-gritty of the business.

“There are two types of Computer Engineers, we have the software and the hardware Engineers. It is advisable to have an office/workshop to operate this business effectively because it makes you more reliable to your customers than mobile engineers who roam about the street looking for customers.

“With N100, 000 and above, you can start a computer engineering/repair business in Nigeria.

“It is not mandatory to join the Repairers Association but it will be an added advantage if you join the association because of the benefits associated to it.

“The basic equipments necessary for the business are; set of Allen keys which houses all the screwdrivers needed to repair a computer set, others are, program software (Office, Corel Draw, Photo maker, Photoshop), blower, soldering iron and a generator set among others.

While explaining the challenges of the business, Babatunde said: “The major challenge affecting the business is the epileptic power supply in the country. Most of the business in this country folds up due to epileptic power supply.

“Also the rate of mushroom engineers in the society is quite alarming. They have given the real and qualified engineers a bad name by doing shady and unprofessional jobs for customers, thereby affecting the necessary patronage we deserve.

“There is a great risk in doing this business, which is why you need to undergo a thorough training so as not to run into debts. Sometimes, a computer set may develop another fault while repairing it and some may pack up completely due to mishandling and lack of expertise of the engineer.

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