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Life Tips: Tips for setting up a fashion designing business

Admin 05 Jan, 2016 Life

By Fisayo Akinduro

There is a saying that you will be addressed the way you dress. The way we dress sometimes determines the level of respect and honour that will be ascribed to you.

Clothing comes in different styles and forms. We have the traditional, formal and casual and most times, what some people refer to as dinner wears. In Nigeria, fashion designers are popularly referred to as tailors.

Fashion designing is very lucrative and have been the source of living for some people which many people are constantly venturing to daily.

The business is neither gender nor age discriminatory; rather does it require a formal education before you can start it. There are lots of men that sow women dresses and it happened too with the opposite sex.

While speaking with a fashion designer in Akure who craved anonymity, she said: “creativity is the brain box of every business. If you are not creative, you cannot make progress in the business.

She said: “Education matters a lot in doing this business, although it is not a preirequisite for stating the business. You level of intelligence will enhance you reasoning and will enable you to create ideas out of the ordinary.

“In starting a fashion designing business, you must undergo some trainings from an existing fashion designer and the duration of the training could range between 6 months to a year and above, depending on the commitment and how fast the apprentice can learn.

“Starting the business does not require much capital and it is not necessary you have a shop before you start the business. You can operate the business from the comfort of your house. Customers will seek you out if your work is outstanding.

“The necessary materials needed for the business are; a sewing machine and that can be purchased below N20, 000. Others are tape rule, zips, sewing threads of different colours, buttons, blade, scissors, a jotter and a pen for taking customers measurements, etc.

“There are lots of challenges in the business. If you are not smart and creative, you will run into loss and will also lose customers. This business also requires calculations, if it is not calculated appropriately, the material will become useless.

“With the economic situation of the country, electric sewing machine is the best because it makes works faster, but the epileptic power supply makes it difficult for such machine to be used.”

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