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Life Tips: Decorating for a living

Admin 15 Dec, 2015 Life

By Fisayo Akinduro

Decoration is the act, process, technique, or art of changing an atmosphere to a unique and an attractive environment.  Decorations are made to beautify a place; either interior or exterior and the quality of the decoration used usually make it unique.

Decorations have been in existence for long and it is widely used by everyone, either at homes, churches, and offices or any where you can think of.

Events can never seize to happen because hardly can a week pass that events like birthdays, weddings, burials, launchings, church programmes and the likes wont occur. Decorating places especially event centres has been a source of living for lots of people and it is said to be very lucrative.

While speaking with a decorator who pleaded anonymity, she said: “Decoration is a good and interesting business. Everything in life requires creativity which is the foundation of success. If you are creative and dynamic in what you do, people will fall in love with your work.

“There are lots of thing you can think of to decorate, you have to think beyond the ordinary in order to bring out your customers imagination to reality. You can choose to decorate, offices, stores, resort centres, inn, halls, boats, cars, chairs, walkway, backdrop, Christmas lights and trees, lights and so on.

“If you intend to start a decorating business, you need to learn the basics and must go to events with your superior in order to practice what you have learnt. This business requires training and practice; you must be able to explore your potentials to make headway in this business.

The duration of the training depends on individuals and how fast they can learn the trade. Some training may take up to 3 months to learn the basics, while there is also an express training of one week which is tedious and costly.

“The necessary materials needed for this business are; ribbons, scissors, pins, hammers and nails, chair cover, rug, lights, walkway stand etc.

“The business is very lucrative and it is not gender sensitive because both genders are fit to do the business, neither does it require education in achieving your desired result.

“Depending on how creative and vast you are, a decorator makes at least a N100, 000 to N500, 000 on an event, while some makes millions depending on the number of events they handle daily or weekly. If you are reliable and good at what you do, customers will recommend you to people and you can be lucky to have more than 3 events to decorate in a week.

“Starting this business may require at least N200, 000, although some of the materials can be rented. It is advisable to get your own materials so as to cut some cost.

While explaining some of the challenges one might encounter in the business, she said: “Customers are the major problem of this business, they want you to do a job of N600, 000 while they offer you only N50, 000 or N100, 000 which is very frustrating.  Also manpower is also a challenge because of their excessive charges and you cannot do away with them due to the nature of the business.

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