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Life Tips: Starting beauty salon business

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By Fisayo Akinduro

The beauty of every lady starts from how organized her hair is. No matter how beautiful you are, if your hair is unkempt, the beauty will never be appreciated. This as well extends to the opposite sex.

Making/plaiting of hair is very easy and it is said to be lucrative. It is not gender or age discriminatory neither does it require education before starting the business, although education can be an added advantage in boosting the business.

Beauty salon business which is popularly known as hairdressing is a business that has been in existence from time memorial. It is unseasonal as people patronize them daily, and this business has been the source of living of some people for ages.

An hairdresser in Akure, Bukola Alabi speaks on the requirements and the technicalities for starting a beauty salon business.

She said: “Hairdressing is something you can do in the comfort of your room but if you want to do it for profit making, you need to undergo some training. The training depends on how swift and your readiness in learning the trade. Some people are fast learners and can become experts in months while some would use years to train before achieving their aim. The minimum month for training is 6 months.

“Starting any business in a country like ours requires good capital. Starting a beauty salon business is not easy but it’s worth it. Apart from the capital, this business requires time and total commitment to the job.

“With N30, 000 and above, you can start your own beauty salon if you have the basic requirements it takes.

“The basic equipment necessary to start the business are; dryer, washing base, rollers, tonguing machine, hand dryer, table, chairs and combs.

“Creativity and skillfulness makes a business lucrative. Most ladies prefer guys to plait/make their hairs because they tend to be skillful in the business. Since the business is not gender discriminatory, there are lot of guys that are doing the business and I can say, they are better than some ladies.

“A hairdresser makes more than N15, 000 in a day, depending on how creative he/she is. We need to keep updating ourselves everyday about the new styles evolving around us, in that way, we stay updated and relevant to our customers.

“Location matters a lot in business, if a salon is cited in a poor/unpopular environment, it will lack patronage when compared to the one cited in a more popular environment or on major roads.

“Some of the challenges faced in this business are; lack of equipment and lack of proper funding because of the state of the country.”

 Ayomide Omotayo, a student of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic contributed to this piece




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