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City watch: The creative industry

Admin 08 Dec, 2015 City Watch

By Kayode Adegbehingbe

Creativity has to do with the exploration of our individual ingenuity and when it comes to visual arts that is where the raw talent really counts for something.

The Ondo State Governor Dr Olusegun Mimiko recently gave a cash award to a student in one of the schools in the state who seems to have stood out when it comes to drawing. That was an ability that can hardly be taught. It is mostly about an innate ability finding expression.

The same goes for singing, composing, playing of instruments with distinction, painting pictures, writing at all levels.

While hardwork is a factor in any of the areas mentioned above, it is more or less the presence of ample raw talent that must be the common denominator for someone to stand out his peers.

Creativity is the ultimate leveller. You may not be able to shine more than others in education because your parents were limited, you may not have access to the needed support. But talent is like smoke, it cannot be hidden. If you can draw, you can draw and there is nothing anybody can do about it. The creative industry is about the addition of beauty for the enjoyment of people, i.e. the consumers of the products of the creative person.

The beauty may be literary, visual, or audio. And if you can mix it together, all well and good. There are people able to pay good money for what you have to offer. If you can weave together a good tale in a fiction format, take people on a journey of fantasy, it is great.

You can create your own niche of products, where the only thing you are competing with is your past works. Your work carries your creative DNA and since the world population is in billions, there cannot be an over-saturation of creative works so much so that there will not be need for another creative work.

A musician on the Nigerian entertainment scene said that Nigeria may not be able to in the nearest future compete globally in technology, but in music it will, and we are already seeing a glimpse of that.

Don Moen a foremost American gospel Artiste on a recent visit to Nigeria this December said that over the years, as he has been coming to Nigeria, he has learnt a thing or two from the gospel acts here.

Part of the creative industry in Nigeria is Nollywood, which has put Nigeria in the minds of people possibly more than ‘corruption’ ever did, or anything else for that matter. Africans in their different countries chose Nigerian films as objects of delight. It is one of our biggest exports. Nollywood is to be reckoned with on the global scene.

The administration of ex-President Dr Goodluck Jonathan supported the industry through various means.

Anybody can be creative, the young, the old, can express themselves, whatever you express is accepted as being uniquely yours. At the end, you would have left your footprint on the sand of time.

You do not have to be a politician to make a socially impactful statement. In the various newspapers in the world, there are cartoonists who use the picture are the medium through which they make their impact felt in the society. One picture, they say, is louder than one thousand words. That is the power of the creative arts.

Whatever your interest is in the creative landscape, you owe a duty to the people around you and to your generation to explore it. We have a former Chairman in one of the Ondo State MDAs who can be describe as a late bloomer. Having served in the military, and retired, he ventured into politics and business, and decided to explore his musical talent. The rest, as they say, is history.

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