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Natural Health: Health benefits of garden egg

Admin 11 Nov, 2015 Natural Health, News

By Sade Adewale

Garden egg, also known as egg plants is a very good source of dietary fiber, potassium, manganese, copper and Vitamin B1.

It is also a good source of Vitamin B6, folate, magnesium and niacin.

Garden egg has numerous health benefits, which are essential for the overall development of the human body.

Garden egg is a type of fruit that is very good for the body, but most people are unaware of the benefits they can derive from it.

Garden egg is one of the anti-cancer fruits, which has been helping to fight against cancer and other horrible diseases.

Garden egg also represents fertility and blessing during wedding ceremonies in some communities. It is useful in managing diseases conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

It can also be used for the treatment of stomach ulcers.

Garden egg improves digestive system, it is a kind of fruit which is used for the preparation of stew.

It is locally called “Igba” among Yorubas.

Garden egg helps with heart problems and make the weight reduce, it is also effective in blood cholesterol reduction.

It is currently a fruit in season and can be eaten raw or made as stew to complement steaming yam and unripe plantain.

Speaking with a Nutritionist, Mrs Ada Igwe, she stressed the need to eat garden egg and what it does in the body.

Igwe noted that garden egg can also be called egg plant and it helps to reduce body weight.

She added that it has low calories, low sodium, low protein and high in dietary fibre and potassium.

She hinted that garden egg is a fruit, but it is classified under vegetables, that can be use to lose weight.

The nutritionist added that due to the high fibre content in garden egg, it helps to reduce bad cholesterol in the body and also protects the heart.

She posited that garden egg helps to regulate the blood pressure, saying that it also helps to maintain and regulate the function of the heart.

Igwe stated that garden egg controls glucose absorption and reduces the risk of hypertension.

She said that garden egg has an anti-ulcer remedy, which could be used as treatment for ulcer and to suppress it.

She further added that garden egg treats constipation because it has a high fibre content which ensures easy flow of bowel contents.

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