The scourge of terror: Now that the world knows

Admin 27 Nov, 2015 Voice of Reason

By Gbenga Olumekun

A few years back, there was one factor that made it impossible for any form of consistency in the course of mass agitation in Nigeria. I remember as a fresher in the Polytechnic Ibadan, my father advised me not to be in the forefront of any demonstration and nor in the back but he encouraged me to be in the middle where I suppose other bodies would have acted as bullet stoppers, if need be. I still remember the “battle of Kalamazoo” and the resultant humbling of we the Basic (A-level) students by the more organised and more matured Diploma students. As a young man who desired action, I lost several things but there was something I enjoyed and that was the fun of doing something different, for a change.

Going down memory lane I still remember one of us who became permanently disfigured because he was right in the front of the demonstration when the “Zombies”, as we used to call them came calling. I wouldn’t know where the gentleman is now or whether he ever survived but one clear thing is that a great majority of those who mouthed “Change” or “revolution” never had the heart to see the agitation to the end as the tear-gas and other implements of coercion ensured that we all scattered in different directions never to be able to orchestrate a well oiled resistance.

One of the reasons behind the quick fizzling away of any form of dissent, even in NLC-organised protests is the fact that majority do not want to die for any cause and the minority that would have perpetuated the resistance often get isolated and eventually captured by the establishment. Since those times, a lot has changed in the Nigerian psyche. We have gradually witnessed a transformation within our society to the extent that the world has now had to take notice of a general trend toward self destruction. Our news is replete with stories of people who are determined to eliminate fellow human beings and also take delight in they, themselves, getting blown off the earth with explosives in the course of the action. They call them suicide bombers.

During the Second World War, Japanese fighter pilots and foot soldiers were noted for deadly acts of bravery that resulted in them using themselves as weapons in order to achieve a predetermined goal. With the benefit of hindsight we now see a crop of people who claim to be fighting a religious battle whose “Gods” are not strong enough and must employ instruments of the flesh to advance their purposes. Initially, suicide bombing, immolation and other acts of self abuse was seen as a Third World problem by the developed world but after the recent downing of the Russian jet in Sinai and the Paris massacre in addition to several wicked acts that have consistently been perpetrated over the years, the world has finally started to take notice.

I have been involved in many prayer sessions where we were encouraged to pray against a particular religion and we have been very faithful in pursuing this cause. The initial retort was that Christians were at the receiving end and it was a religious war we were contending against. Now, after several successful bombings of mosques and other houses of worship, the world is beginning to understand that the fight is not Islam versus Christianity but a fight between good and evil; an evil represented by some demented personae who see nothing but the creation of an empire that will operate under a set of rules that can only be dictated by those who have no qualms about destroying mankind. Could this have been an agenda from a god or God? I will more appropriately define it as an agenda from Hell!

After each explosion or each act of cowardice, when the dust settles and the wafting of the acrid smell of nitre begins to diminish, it becomes increasingly clear that the battle is not localised in any particular sector of our community nor is it restricted to a peculiar interest group but humanity is under scourge. It is an attack against our very existence and the purveyors of this violence against mankind now need no justification for their escapades. All they wish to do is to take delight in the destruction they have wroth under a false agenda of perpetrating a form of religion which has now become the scourge of the whole world.

This was brought home when it was revealed that the first European suicide bomber in France was nothing but a drug addict who never even read or could read the Holy Quaran. If this sort of person was fighting to create a caliphate, would it not be an empire where drug dealing is legitimate and all acts of illegality are tolerated, if not outrightly encouraged. As for me, this is nothing short of a determination to end the brief span mankind has enjoyed on earth relative to other creation. It is not religion neither is it politics but it can only be a desire to establish a kingdom of lawlessness where lives are snuffed out at the slightest excuse.

Unfortunately, western political leaders had assumed these forlorn battles for the soul of mankind were far away from their shores until it was becoming evident that a new crop of humanoids have either evolved or been created who take delight in killing others and also getting killed in the process. But for the explicit nature of orgasm, I would have sought to x-ray their psyche to see whether these set actually attain a high in the process of killing a fellow human being. Many countries believed the occurrences were too remote from their shores hence attention was not focused at exterminating this form of dementia until it has become too late. Just now that it has dawned on us that the world is a “Global Village”, the hitherto remoteness of such acts of bestiality has now been replaced with a realisation that evil too has a way of transiting from one place to another at the speed of light without the need of any form of ideology (ideologue) nor does it lend itself to a civilised firewall.

The Western powers have been too complicit in this act which is akin to fatalism whereas what we see is a form of indeterminism wherein a group of people seek to dictate our thoughts, our future and our way of life. Is it not absurd that these set of people also have a quarrel with history? In places like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq where they have had free reign, they have pillaged historical artefacts and human monuments as if they are seeking to relive and reconstruct a life that had been denied them. A man may have a quarrel with the present and seek to dictate the future but isn’t it absurd for such a man to seek to live in denial by wiping off all forms of remembrance of a past life?

It is sad that the western world has had to wake up from its slumber just when massacres upon massacres were being perpetrated on their own soils. It took the burning alive of an Air Force pilot and the gruesome beheadings by Jihadi John for the world to realise the scale of the terror being visited upon mankind by people who have been seeking the most cruel way to exterminate a soul. It is still good though that they are already waking up as a permanent state of unconscious conscience would have been unimaginable and dangerous to the survival of mankind. Now that the war has just begun, the powers must realise that in battles like this, reactionism is a negative virtue, as our civilisation must stay one head ahead in a demonstration of proactionism otherwise we will only be playing catch-up with a group of people who daily imagine and concoct bestial ways of injuring our psyches by their dastardly conduct.

What I see right now in the conduct of these villains is a form of Nihilism in which it is believed that all values are baseless. This form of mindset is largely associated with extreme radicalism that rarely puts any value on human life and even condemns existence. Their main agenda is a destruction of the rest of us. Our political leaders have no other business but to get together and behead this anfractuous conduct otherwise human civilisation may become history to be told to lesser creation by who knows? Many may rightly criticise my writing as patently alarmist but we have seen that mankind has amassed a great array of armaments and weapons of mass destruction. A careless escapade of a demented bigot may spell doom for this civilisation. Many may not understand until they assess the conduct of a certain Mr Julian Assange of Wikileaks and the damage he has done to the credibility of governments all over the world. This man only used modern communication infrastructure; what happens when a mad man finds himself squarely on a seat where he has access to nuclear or biological weapons he can unleash on us or potent radioactive material he can drop in public water supply to exterminate a whole town? This is real and the world leaders must get real!

Uncle Sam, the world’s greatest policeman, must provide the leadership that is needed in order to ensure the perpetuation of the human species. Unfortunately, America had got so embroiled in several disputes worldwide that the leaders have grown battle weary and are satisfied with keeping their troops within their borders. This escapist tendency has germinated from the humiliation they had received worldwide in their determination to act as the enforcer of human vision and the principles of democracy. Added to this is the perceived resistance of Americans to any form of American induced domination anywhere in the world. As a consequence, America is battle weary but nations need a leader especially in a time of war.

The great pity is the humiliation America received in Afghanistan and Iraq which has tended to discourage any form of foreign intervention that is desperately needed in order to slay the brute that is terrorising the whole sojourn of you and I on this planet.

America and its allies need not fear. New York may seem remote but it is within reach of an intercontinental ballistic missile which can be launched from any corner of the globe. We will not know peace as long as there are still rogue states and even some Super-powers who are more interested in counting currency than in perpetrating mankind’s dominance of this planet. If I were the American President I will mass enough troops to walk into these nations for the purpose of decapitating the sources of evil. However, there must be in place an exit strategy which is not motivated by the pursuit of political correctness especially in a nation that must choose new leaders so soon.

If we fail to act, time will come when there is no way of recognising where civilisation stopped except for a grotesque reminder which we will find in our abandoned cities; whether there would be any human beings left, is another matter!

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