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Midweek Digest: ‘Healthy living aids long life’

Admin 04 Nov, 2015 Midweek Digest

Yemisi Akinmameji & Kemi Olatunde

Bishop Borokini, his wife Christianah, the celebrant,  his wife and other well wishers at the thanksgiving service

Bishop Borokini, his wife Christianah, the celebrant, his wife and other well wishers at the thanksgiving service

Life expectancy has, no doubt, fallen and continued to fall beyond imagination. People die in their fifties, forties and even twenties.

In fact, the situation has become so worse that elaborate funeral services are organised for those who manage to die in their sixties.

Sometimes, one might even be alive but not in good health. People, both young and old are easily pulled down by many of the diseases characteristic of the twenty-first century.

So, if the situation has degenerated so much, it is not a surprise that those who live up to seventy and then to eighty, have every cause to celebrate the Giver of life.

Hon Akin Omoseebi is one of the beneficiaries of God’s benevolence having clocked eighty in good health.

In appreciation of God’s kindness therefore, Omoseebi staged a thanksgiving service at St Thomas’ Anglican Church, Akure penultimate week

Speaking in an interview with Midweek Digest, Omoseebi tasked Nigerians on the need to consciously engage in healthy living.

He berated the way in which some people invlove themselves in unhealthy habits which according to him, is contributing to the continuous decrease in life expectancy.

He noted that people who want to live old enough should endeavour to take enough water and exercise their body on a regular basis.

Omoseebi who was at various times a member of the Ondo State House of Assembly and Federal House of Representatives appreciated God for the gift of life.

Guests at the occasion

Guests at the occasion

He noted that at 80, the best he could do is to commit himself to the service of the Lord.

“I feel so happy and fulfilled today. I appreciate the Grace of God all through the years. He is the one who has given me life especially now that life’s expectancy has dropped.

“Life is full of challenges but the grace of God is always sufficient. The challenges are overwhelming especially when one is growing old.

“Even though every individual prays to live long and grow old, once one is approaching that stage, there is this fear of the unknown that one might actually be nearing his grave.

“But I also believe that those who want to live long should believe in God, the Giver of life and they must involve themselves in healthy habits only”, he said.

Speaking further, Omoseebi admonished parents to always provide the necessary support for their children.

He noted that parents are the earthly gods that children can see stressing the need for the children to be guided in whatever decisions they have to make.

He noted that parents who do not make out time to give the proper attention to their children may live to regret it.

Also speaking at the event, the Bishop of Akure Anglican Diocese, Rt. Revd. (Dr) Simeon Borokini noted that many people fail to appreciate God because they do not see Him as their benefactor.

He charged Christians to see their position in life as a gift from God and use such for the benefit of mankind.

He stated that no mortal can achieve anything tangible in life except through the grace of God.

His words: “It is very unfortunate that in this part of the country, many people do not know the kindness of God and do not appreciate Him accordingly.

“Many people do not know that whatever position they occupy is through the grace of God.

“My advise to people is that they should cultivate the habit of thanking God. It makes their joy to be full and they are also able to receive more from him.Midweek Digest Centretoday

“Also, we must not be self centred as Christians. We must endeavour to contribute to humanity in whatever things that we have”, he said.

He described the celebrant as an asset to the church of God saying he is not among those who are concerned about themselves alone.

Commending the celebrant, the Bishop noted that he has contributed to the growth of the Anglican church in Akure Diocese.

He noted that among other things, the celebrant built an Anglican church which has been named after him.

Wife of the celebrant, Mrs Florence Omoseebi appreciated God for the life of her husband all through the years.

She prayed God continue to keep them through the challenges of daily living saying His grace has been sufficient.

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