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Midweek Digest: ‘Children need necessary support to become successful’

Admin 04 Nov, 2015 Midweek Digest

By Yemisi Akinmameji & Kemi Olatunde

Mrs Christianah Adebowale and other directors of HECAF at the event

Mrs Christianah Adebowale and other directors of HECAF at the event

Children are vulnerable and they need to be constantly given the necessary support that they need to excel in life.

The greater the investment on children, the better they become. And since Rome was not built in a day, it is important that children are guided time and again.

They have to be assisted not only financially or materially, their moral and behavioural patterns have to be mentored.

Importantly, they have to be guided on how to take decisions about their future careers.

For example, it is not just sufficient for a child to say she wants to go to science class even when such a child cannot solve the simplest sum or understand a bit of integrated science.

The areas of strengths and weaknesses of the child must be easily sought out. This would assist whoever is mentoring that child to guide him or her on which class to go.

Unfortunately, stakeholders are receding in their responsibility of providing mentoring for school children.

It is out of the desire to resuscitate the act of mentoring that a non governmental organisation, Heart of Care Foundation (HECAF) organised a career talk for secondary school students in the state.

Speaking, a director in HECAF, Mr Adebowale Obaya charged stakeholders in the education sector to provide the necessary support for children to enable them perform optimally.

He noted that it is the duty of the experienced adults/professionals to be a guiding light to those coming behind them.

Obaya noted that many secondary school students have their decisions influenced by those of friends around them.

He posited that some children just decide to go to either science, commercial or arts class without even knowing the opportunities in such areas.

He stressed the need for students to be made to participate in such career talks so that they could be enlightened on what exactly they want to do.

Cross section of students at the event

Cross section of students at the event

He noted that HECAF decided to make JSS 3 and SSS I students it’s target audience because they are the most affected groups when it comes to deciding which career to pursue in life.

He observed that the intention of HECAF, a non governmental organisation is to ensure that the career talk programme is organised in all secondary schools in the state.

He hinted that the organisation has contacted professionals from various fields of endeavour, medicine, engineering, academics, architecture and so on to educate the children.

He posited that to achieve this, the organisation has produced some informative and educative publications which would be distributed in all the secondary schools.

His words: “Heart of Care Foundation (HECAF) is an incorporated organisation set up to assist people who are in dire need.

“We have five major areas of providing intervention, behavioural, care for the aged and those who are in serious financial needs.

“Sometimes, we are constrained to give scholarships to those who are indigent like we did last year and sometimes we give material support to those who need it.

“Depending on the area of need, our intention is to support government and religious organisations in terms of assisting the less privileged”.

Mrs Kehinde Ogedengbe, the principal of CAC Adu Memorial Grammar School where one of the series of the career talk programmes took place appreciated HECAF for the initiative.

She stressed that the nation’s education policies are good if they are well interpreted by education stakeholders.

One of the participants, Funmilola Bamidele commended HECAF for organising such a programme in their school.

Another participant, Nifemi Ogunkoya, a JSS 3 student noted that the knowledge gathered at the career talk would assist in providing the necessary guide when he wants to chose the class to go to in SSS I.

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