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Life tips: Starting metal scrap business

Admin 10 Nov, 2015 Life

By Fisayo Akinduro

Some businesses look and sound odd but they are very lucrative. Some people are always mindful of the business they do because of the reactions they get from friends and families, while some do any business just to survive regardless of the nature of the business.

Metal scraps business is very common business but because it is very stressful, people don’t like to venture into such business unlike others. It is an unseasonal business as demand for it rises daily.

If you want to start the business, all you need to do is engage some youths to help you source for scraps and you pay them well.   Some get their money depending on the scraps they are able to gather. The most important thing is to get a dump site or a yard for storing the scraps.

Speaking with a scavenger of metal scraps, Chinonso Peter, he said: “This business is very tedious, but if you are hard-working, you will get more reward. I have been in this business for years and I don’t regret joining the business.

“It takes a man to do this job, although it is not age and gender discriminatory, if you are lazy, this business is not meant for you. Our job is all about moving about to look for metals, rods or aluminum. we move from streets to streets and from refuse dumps to another.

“The job is in different categories. You don’t need a special training to start the business. All you need to do is follow instructions and success is yours. The job entails walking around to find scraps and sometimes, we walk close to seven kilometres in a day.

“We have ranks and we all report to one person or the other. I am just an agent, I go about to look for metal and scraps which I will deliver to my boss, who later pays me after weighing the scraps delivered to him.

“No matter the quantity of scraps you get, you will be paid according to the weight of your goods. Sometimes, we buy cars from mechanics, abandoned cars of some people and the likes. Some people sell items they don’t need again in their houses.

He said: “This job is tasking and very challenging because people see us like we are not relevant to the society. I can tell you that some graduates are doing this job. Sometimes, we may be shouted at and be called lot of names like thieves, wWhile some people welcome us and give us food.

“The gain comes in when these scraps are to be taken to the factory for processing, a 911 truck full of scraps may cost N1.6 million, depending on the weight, while a long lorry full of these metal scraps costs nothing less than N4.4 million.

“There are some specific items we always look out for whenever we source for scraps and they are electrical equipment, scrap of aluminum zinc, electrical wires, auto spare parts, beams, rods among others.

“We make sure we buy these scraps from people at the lowest price possible, so that by the time we deliver them, we will have more profit. Instead of staying idle and complaining about the country, it is better to do something for survival” he said.

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